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  1. The Entombed Wizard
    by Umbría
  2. Tome I
    by Erang
  3. The Canterbury Tales
    by Chaucerian Myth
  4. Enchantments Of Old Lore
    by Vindkaldr
  5. Return Of the Red Eye (Classics From the Prohibition Era)
    by Various Artists
  6. 21 Viral Hits
    by Petrol Hoers And Friends
  7. Oh I Don't Know, Just Horse Stuff, I Guess
  8. As We Raise Our Heads To The Light
    by Old Glow
  9. De Cheminements et de Batailles
    by Gargoylium
  10. Sharpen Thy Knife, Curse The Sky
    by Moth Tower
  11. The Urchin Prince: A Century Of Dust Vol. I
    by Faery Ring
  12. Noose Almighty
    by Swamp Coffin
  13. This Hollow Land
    by Sykelig Englen
  14. Draped in Shadows | EKTHELION - Dawn of the Vampyric Princes
    by Draped in Shadows
  15. Hymns of Death & Necromancy
    by Akhtya & Emme Ya
  16. All Is Chaos Under Heaven
    by Byronic Sex & Exile
  17. Salome/LS Woman
    by Byronic Sex & Exile
  18. Baketopia
    by Baron Von Fantabulous
  19. The Burning Circle And Then Dust
    by Lycia
  20. Bleak~Vane
    by Lycia