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  1. Gentle Video Game Guitar Covers For Relaxation
    by Super Guitar Bros
  2. The Sheep That Eats The Wolf
    by Fistfights With Wolves
  3. I miss my dog
    by Nina Ryser
  4. Cinq
    by CHROMB!
    Le Prince Le Prince
  5. Auvergnication
  6. Pharoah
    by Pharoah Sanders
  7. Ocarina of Time
    by Super Guitar Bros
  8. 'The Holy Life That’s Coming'
    by Chris Weisman
  9. Alive People
    by Ruth Garbus
  10. Jelly Road
    by Blake Mills
    Press My Luck Press My Luck
    geniusly crafted psyop psych pop. the music itself conveys as much meaning as the lyrics. philosophical, spiritual, emotional; humanual and beyondial
  11. Hello Jane Goodall, Are You Listening?
    by the lentils
  12. I Hope You're Enjoying Scotland
    by Chris Weisman
    the longtime producer gave the cobbler some quality boot strings. they're made of natural materials, wool maybe, or some kind of woven plant fiber, i don't know. the results are a good fit. stylish and warm, soft and cozy, but tough enough for a good hike or some intensive lawn care.
  13. Chromb! II
    by CHROMB!
    Il Dansait La Chance Il Dansait La Chance
    chimeric, mercurial, meteoric. dare i say creamy? dare i say mercredi? milk and crumble. cramped muffins. it's chromb!
  14. Crocorama
    by Odessey & Oracle
    Je suis l'Endormie Je suis l'Endormie
    a breath of fresh air. a warm floral zephyr. never fails to improve my mood. melodic hooks for dayyyyyyys
  15. Peuple
    by Rien faire
    Toute seule dans son pull Toute seule dans son pull
    pure magic. charming and sweet pop songs with just the lightest touch of proggy weirdness to really send them flying.
  16. Brossaklitt
    by PoiL
    Patachou Patachou
    what. is. happening??? a rollercoaster in the dark: exhilarating, twisty-turny, a little nauseating, super fun, a cool dark wind on your face bemused and agape.
  17. I Love You Fuck Off
    by Lucrate Milk
  18. Aoutat
  19. Flaming Swords
    by Fievel Is Glauque
    Porn of Love Porn of Love
    nicely balanced. cerebral, clever, witty. also humble, catchy, soulful. like a good wine, you discover new flavor notes with every sip. and despite its complexity, it's refreshing and goes down easy.
  20. Light Speaks the Quilt
    by Jonny Kosmo