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the listener with the brilliant music taste

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  1. Variations in a-moll for a granular synthesis
    by Gintas K
  2. Norwegian Disco
    by The Void*
  3. Last Of The Three
    by Jasna Veličković & Anton Mobin
  4. Eunuchs
    by First Kings
  5. Malaise Event
    by Petridisch
  6. Virtual Goddess
    by Seffi Starshine
  7. すべての終わりに
    by Soul▲Craft
  8. Stories from a Cruel Planet
    by DMLLL
  9. Farewell, Doomed Planet!
    by Elizabeth Joan Kelly
  10. lotek
    by tujuh kuda
  11. Lion Cuts
    by CDX
  12. Past Life Threat Messages
    by Wizards Tell Lies
  13. Pink Shit
    by Sodor
  14. Skyjelly - We Pull the Stars Over Our Heads Like Covers
    by Skyjelly
  15. Andrew Weathers / Blaine Todd
    by Andrew Weathers & Blaine Todd
  16. Secret Slice
    by Houdini Mansions
  17. The Ocean Between Us
    by Diamondstein & Sangam
  18. 起き上がり
    by Mukqs
  19. I Left My Heart In Uncanny Valley
    by Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin