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Dan Curhan

  1. Somerville, Massachusetts
  2. Metal
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  1. 93696
    by Liturgy
  2. Solace
    by REZN
  3. Interface
    by Discordant Meditation
  4. Sheol
    by HYPNO5E
  6. Nemesta
    by TDK / ТДК
    This is oppressively emotive, dense sludgy stuff that's devolved into something freer, more raw and uninhibited. It's a seething, breathing, suffocating mass of psychedelic sound, leaning heavily into unique and unconventional textures, harsh ambiance, layers of unsettling saxophones, noisy freeform passages... all accompanied by creative and dynamic drumming that provides the album with much of its backbone, and vocals that lean more toward the spoken word of black midi or Chat Pile.
  7. Virulent Providence
    Two epic, outstanding, dynamic compositions that add sprinkles of death and doom into miasmic and atmospheric highfalutin black metal. Captivating and emotive, I keep coming back to this - it's got me hooked!
  8. Yantra Creating
    by 7 H.Target
    Well this fucks. Hard. It's psychedelic and chunky brutal death metal that doesn't hesitate to leave the genrebox and experiment. It's heavy and brutal with plenty of breeeee, but it's also thoughtful and nuanced and progressive, with lots of surprising layers and inclusions. There's an Indian influence sprinkled throughout. Super fucking cool. I'm impressed.
  9. Abyssal
    by Hexer
  10. Begeerte
    by Willoos
    Post-DSBM that's crawled out of its hole and seen the sunlight for the first time. Lighter, gazey vibes, with occasional clean vox. Overall a very strong effort, filled with emotion, excellent and varied songwriting, lush textures, compelling dynamic motion, and quality production. Highly recommended.
  11. Supraliminal
    by Nothingness
    Heavy as shit, dynamic and diverse, ugly and dissonant with respect for THE RIFF. This is good shit. It gets chunky, it gets blackened, it get interesting. Some cool guitar tones sprinkled in add texture and badassery. The mix is nice and clear without sacrificing grime, and the whole thing is full of life and energy. An excellent listen!
  12. Plasmic
    by Vampire Squid
    A chunky, badass slab of groovy brutality
  13. Harrowing
    by Mithridatum
    This is laser-focused, well-written dissodeath that tastefully refrains from getting mired in its own murk. It's got riffs, it's got melodies, but it manages to never lose that ...harrowing... atmosphere. It's dark but also bright and clangy, nice sharp guitar tone without becoming overly harsh or grating, with furious drums. It's tortuous, but not indecipherable, nailing the delicate balance of accessibility and skronk. Outstanding.
  14. Nemesism
    by Nemesism
    >o< Fuck yeah, this shit SLAPS! It's techy brutal death metal that doesn't let up. Outstanding vox (impressive range, speed, and articulation) with clangy bass, great rhythmic diversity, and even some melody here and there. Stanky, pissed, vicious, and heavy, this is a standout little EP.
  15. Котлован (2023)
    by Poslanie
    Lush, Russian post-hardcore with an excellent vocal performance that toes the line between nostalgia and freshness.
  16. Orange Mathematics
    by Frontierer
  17. Unloved
    by Frontierer
  18. Oxidized
    by Frontierer
  19. Engraved Spectral Aeons
    by Black Water Sunset
    Crisp and engaging death metal with proggy and melodic tendencies, great variety, and interesting songs, feat. some high-profile guest and session musicians!
  20. EMBERS
    by Bones of Minerva
    Outstanding atmospheric doom with powerful vocals - bits of Obscure Sphinx, Messa, and Rolo Tomassi poke through the dynamic and emotive mix. Unique and highly enjoyable, get on this shit!