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Dan Curhan

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  2. Metal
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  1. Hive (remastered with brand new track)
    by Hath
  2. Nights In Distortion
    by Owl (Ger)
  3. Manor Of Infinite Forms
    by Tomb Mold
  4. To Paint a Bird of Fire
    by Perihelion Ship
  5. The Expansion
    by Teleport
  6. Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence
    by Gigan
  7. To Crown All Befoulment
    by Dearth
  8. Mūto
    by Onryō
    This is fuckin nuts. Deathmetal vox and hardcore riffing, psychedelic blackened bits that explode unpredictably into crazy mathy technicality... Fun chugs too, making the whole package a blast start to finish.
  9. Hominal
    by Light Dweller
    A glorious and delicious filthy solo project dabbling in well-worn blackened death with doomy, cavernous elements, but presented in a fresh and delightful package. The songs are super well written and incredibly thoughtful and cohesive - as only a solo project can really deliver. This is an absolutely top-notch, phenomenal combination of OSDM and modern blackened dissonance, with plenty of progressive and dynamic elements, and you should absolutely check it out.
  10. Mass Cathexis
    by Krallice
  11. Untitled Album 1
    by ATKA
    This is absolutely bonkers progressive, melodic grindcore. I think. It's absurd and it's awesome and you should listen to it.
  12. Into the Azure
    by Volcandra
    There's something warm and inviting about this melodic black metal album. It's immediately enjoyable and draws you in with flawless production and excellent songwriting. The songs veer into riffy territory with a competent flair, and each performance is delivered with heartfelt earnestness. The energy is palpable. Highly recommended for fans of the genre and newcomers alike. THIS is peak melodic black metal.
    by Obsidian Kingdom
  14. Primeval Arteries of the Sacred Dead
    by Swarming
    This is blackened death metal, but it's also ambient, but it's not ambient because it's blackened death metal... but it's also ambient. It's a cathartic journey that organically shifts in and out of consciousness and focus, perfect for all your introspective endeavors.
  15. Sun Across The Fields
    by Black Harvest
    Combining some of more uplifting, 'gazey' elements of Melting Sun by Lantlôs with a strong, solid foundation in dark, gritty blackened death metal, this is a stellar amalgam of joy and aggression, dissonance and melody. It pits riffy directness and technical precision against lengthy, progressive songwriting to make for long arc with satisfying conclusions. This phenomenal record is truly a joy to behold!
  16. Orbis Terrarum Revolution
    by Somnium de Lycoris
  17. Lower
    by At The Graves
  18. Uspeh / Успех
    by TDK / ТДК
    Chills, man. This shit gives me chills. It's gloriously psychedelic post-metal, with impeccable songwriting and excellent performances, ranging from hypnotic grooves and washed out ambiance to spastic, mathy technicality. The lyrics are all in Russian, but that only adds to its mystique - the dynamics and momentum are fucking massive, and extremely worth your while. And it's NYP! You won't regret checking out this masterpiece.
  19. Those Who Beheld the End
    by Denominate
    by Denominate
    This, to me, is archetypal progressive death metal. It's got plenty of dynamics, lots of time signature experimentation, great melodies, great riffs, death metal vocals, bouts of blackened fury, all in a super refined and palatable package. The songwriting is effective and grandiose, with meandering structures and a wide variety of feelings.This release is massive, and will take some time to fully digest. I'm here for it.