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Chandler Bernard

  1. Troy, Alabama
  2. Alternative
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  1. An Open Letter
    by A Sunday Fire
    An Open Letter to A Closed Casket An Open Letter to A Closed Casket
  2. Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On (Nobody's Fool & The Donor Blues EP)
    by Shakey Graves
  3. Can't Wake Up
    by Shakey Graves
  4. And The War Came
    by Shakey Graves
  5. Loud Hidden
    by Scissorbills
  6. Heartbreak and Debauchery in the Circle City
    by Sinner's Gospel
  7. divorce lawyers i shaved my head
    by jordaan mason and the horse museum
  8. The Superelevators
    by The Superelevators
  9. Snow White & The Seven Beerbongs
    by The Superelevators
    Look anywhere and you won't find blues music that sounds quite like this. Best in the game.
  10. Devilblues
    by The Superelevators
  11. Campfires
    by Foxpaw
  12. Nothingmaster
    by Nick Shoulders
  13. We Believe You
    by Old Press Records
    The Boy Who Wished for Wings The Boy Who Wished for Wings
    Brilliant, one-of-a-kind compilation.
  14. slow burn
    by old gray
  15. Devilblues
    by The Superelevators
  16. Serpentine
    by Foxpaw
  17. There Was a Car Crash Here
    by Marshall Milton
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. Tarantula Hawk
    by Aeon Fux
  19. Strings EP (2016)
    by Alli And I
  20. Picaresque
    by The Decemberists
  21. Roll the Bones
    by Shakey Graves
  22. Sprained Ankle
    by Julien Baker
  23. Home Now
    by Nick Stutsman
  24. Circles
    by Coyote Legs
  25. Special
    by A Kid at Heart
  26. Legendary
    by TLV
  27. Death Of A Slug
    by Northbound
    Leech Leech
  28. Trigger Relief
    by Northbound