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  1. Antarctica
  2. Ambient
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  1. Mirrorcell
    by Greg Puciato
    All Waves to Nothing All Waves to Nothing
    I've been this song for... how many years?
  2. Sunday Driver / Now That You're Gone
    by The Raconteurs
  3. Consolers of the Lonely
    by The Raconteurs
    Many Shades Of Black Many Shades Of Black
    It's The Raconteurs man, what can I say? The synergy between the 4 itself?
  4. Dark Ambient of 2020
    by Cryo Chamber
  5. tʌntrə XXIII
    by Various
  6. Volume 2
    by Autumn Of Communion & World Circuit
  7. tʌntrə XXII
    by Various
  8. Swiss Army Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
    by Andy Hull & Robert McDowell
  9. The Psychologist
    by HÜMA UTKU
    Dissolution of I Dissolution of I
    too good!
  10. Speak For Yourself (Deluxe Version)
    by Imogen Heap
    by Jack White
    Taking Me Back Taking Me Back
  12. La Dimension Inconnue (LP)
    by Royaume des Brumes
  13. Promo Nov. '21
    by Twilight Stronghold
  14. Candlelight Spells (compilation)
    by Spectral Castle
  15. Majestic Spectral Castles / ... Des Profondeurs du Donjon (compilation split)
    by Spectral Castle & Royaume des Brumes
  16. S/T (compilation)
    by Spectral Crypt
  17. ... to Bright Castles among the Stars
    by Spectral Castle
  18. Live Session #1
    by Secret Corridor
  19. Split w/ Erythrite Throne
    by Twilight Stronghold
  20. Rehearsals (compilation split)
    by Royaume des Brumes & Spectral Castle