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  1. Codex Teuthis
    by Sileni
    Empty Time Empty Time
    Love the style Harlequinade and Gungwho showcase on this album. It's not so far from Riders On The Conquering Worm, but more radio ready. These guys won't be pigeonholed. Why isn't more hip hop so interesting?
  2. Cassette Blog 10mo aniversario
    by Va
    A Espetacular Charanga do França - Raggaxixe (DJ Tide Rmx) (BRA) A Espetacular Charanga do França - Raggaxixe (DJ Tide Rmx) (BRA)
    ¡Gracias por todos los años de música divertida! Nos encantan tus colecciones anuales.
  3. Tragavenao Orquesta Afrobeat
    by Tragavenao Orquesta Afrobeat
    Tragavenao Orquesta Afrobeat is always a party!
  4. Real Estate / Fake Inverno
    by Sterbus
    Razor Legs Razor Legs
    Favorite instrumental: Razor Legs. Favorite vocal: Maybe Baby. Sterbus is such a fun act!
  5. Maria También
    by Khruangbin
  6. Blow Up
    by Bomba Estereo
    Fuego Fuego
  7. Complete First Demo
    by Youth Brigade
  8. Less Deep
    by Soulside
    I Find The Other Side I Find The Other Side
    This band was the original kernel from which acts like Fugazi got that sound. The best introduction to this band is SOON COME HAPPY which combines the best material of their height. Soulside forever.
  9. S/T
    by Hammered Hulls
    Great to hear each of these artists again. Fun to hear them together. Feels like a trip to Washington, DC.
  10. Fear of a Black Tangent
    Busdriver tears the recording industry to pieces on this release. Love that it has been made available with this pricing model and on this platform as one more protest.
  11. This Is Not Pop
    by Asthmatic Astronaut
    The Bleakest Blues with Solareye The Bleakest Blues with Solareye
    Clocking in over an hour, a real "Who's Who" of voices over the Astronaut's audio productions in many styles. Supported this for the Ast-Ast and some of my favorite rappers: Texture, Solareye, Laughing Gear (Eaters!), Harlequinade (Soleni), Replicator, and Tickle. Love what is going on in Scotland's hip hop tribe.
    "Shadow from a black lantern," two chemical poets united in a dystopic soundscape. Here's hoping there is another release coming from this excellent duo with hope for the future. Until then, we can all commiserate about trying to rise above the reality. That is the true resistance, despair resistance. These two achieved it with Black Lantern. So grateful.
    by TICKLE
    Austerity ‘til Infinity Austerity ‘til Infinity
    Just looking at the titles, you'll see the focus here is Tickle himself, but you will still hear his humor and resistance in the mix. Seems the Despair Resistant Care Assistant is in a positive new chapter. Cheers to that!
  14. Johnny On The Phone
    by SA90
    Subcutaneous Irritation Subcutaneous Irritation
    Don't you love that timing on "Subcutaneous Irritation"? Solid hardcore punk.
  15. Dream Awake
    by AstraLogik
    In their own words, "Celestial R&B soul sweets." Their lovely voices and varied relaxed vibes make each of the five songs a favorite.
  16. Cinematronics
    by Ugress
    Monochromatic World Monochromatic World
    We have loved this album for so long, it has become part of our language. We quote Ugress so often. He really is King. Be sure to check out the Makina Fifth and Manhattan Sapphire videos.
  17. El niño
    by DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson
  18. Landfall (with Laurie Anderson)
    by Kronos Quartet
  19. Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down to Me: The Micros Play the Blues
    by The Microscopic Septet
    Cat Toys Cat Toys
  20. Music for no film
    by Jonah Rapino
    Rapino is an excellent composer and performer. We highly recommend his entire body of work for fans of strings, percussion, contemporary chamber music, and soundtracks.