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  1. Future Human
    by Esselfortium
  2. Fly Away
    by Gloryhammer
  3. ガモリ2+
    by BUBBLE-B
    ZANSHIRO (キイロミックス by Mad Yellow) ZANSHIRO (キイロミックス by Mad Yellow)
  4. Angi-Luci: 30 Second Dash!!
    by IsabelleChiming
  5. 透明になったあなたへ (Dear My Invisible Friend)
    by ナードマグネット (Nerd Magnet)
    アップサイドダウン (Upside Down) アップサイドダウン (Upside Down)
  6. Logical Positivism
    by MLTEK
  7. DA-LA-LA (Vocal Version) EP
    by Tobokegao
  8. Yomi De Ashibumi(Vocal Version)
    by Tobokegao
  9. ○○○○
    by Tobokegao
  10. 20220326 Chipfest Cyberspace 15 LIVE
    by Tobokegao
  11. SE Music EP
    by Tobokegao
  12. Being Rusty (Tanashii Mainichi)
    by Tobokegao
  13. Kodoku Na Fruits (Vocal Version) EP
    by Tobokegao
  14. Scythe - Sonna Hi Mo Aru Yone (Tobokegao Vocal Cover) EP
    by Tobokegao
  15. I Miss You - EarthBound 2012
    by Various Artists
  16. 宝石の降る夜に
    by ああああ(AAAA)
  17. The Fundamental Slimes and Humours
    by Nekrogoblikon
  18. MIDI Pack Collection
    by Lippeth
    Always Watching Always Watching
  19. DOOM: Heartland OST
    by Stuart Rynn
    See The Shrews See The Shrews
  20. Eternity Blitz - The MIDI Soundtrack
    by James Paddock
    Fall From Grace, Rise From Hell Fall From Grace, Rise From Hell