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  1. Book of the Dead
    by Necromancer
    Condemned Condemned
  2. Ending Rev
    by unTIL BEN
    Astroball Astroball
    Punchy yet atmospheric, in all the right ways! This spacey synth style adventure is a joy to listen to
  3. RetroSynth: In Synth We Wave
    by Various Artists
    The Neon Droid - In Synth We Wave The Neon Droid - In Synth We Wave
  4. Audiogasm
    by Stallone Jones
    Behind Venetian Blinds Behind Venetian Blinds
    Stallone Jones has done it again! Audiogasm packs funky rhythms, catchy vocal hooks and a wealth of summer vibes.
    This album is so smooth even silk would say 'Damn!'
  5. Pandemonium
    by Timestalker
    Pandemonium (ft. Dimi Kaye) Pandemonium (ft. Dimi Kaye)
  6. 284. BEATBOX MACHINERY - American metal
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    defenders of the axe (pt. II) defenders of the axe (pt. II)
    Intense Synths, Bouncey Rhythms, strong vocals and lucious sweeping pad's - what more could you ask for! Yet another great release
  7. 270. BEATBOX MACHINERY - New wave avalanche
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    deoxidize the union deoxidize the union
    Another hard hitting, heavy industrial release that will definitely appear to minimal synth listeners!
    Fuelled with punchy drums and fast paced electronic style - you'd be mad not to have this in your collection
  8. 265. BEATBOX MACHINERY - Amiga outrun
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    amiga outrun amiga outrun
    A fitting and well executed fun new release from the always awesome Beatbox Machinery! Pumped full of tasty outun energy!
  9. Revenge of Sunset - 2016 (EP)
    by The Neon Droid
    The Order The Order
    Thumping drums, shredding guitars, thick tasty synths; what more could you ask for!
    An amazing EP!
  10. 261. BEATBOX MACHINERY - Video tapes & synthesizers
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    video tapes & synthesizers video tapes & synthesizers
    Silky smooth synths and punchy drums! What more could you want!
  11. Ατραπός
    by Paradox Obscur
    Ανδρείκελα Ανδρείκελα
  12. 253. BEATBOX MACHINERY - Speed metal cruiser
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    speed metal cruiser speed metal cruiser
    Beatbox Machinery is back with yet more industrial 80s tones! All the power you'd need all packed into 4 great tracks
  13. 250. BATCH SOUND Vs BEATBOX MACHINERY - The vs series vol.10
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    BATCH SOUND - unzip me BATCH SOUND - unzip me
  14. Retropolis
    by Absinth3
    Long Island (feat. Kaye Kiernan) Long Island (feat. Kaye Kiernan)
  15. 245. BEATBOX MACHINERY - Shock metal
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    savage fist savage fist
    Another stellar power heavy release from the awesome Beatbox Machinery! Lots of signature synths and dark melodic sounds!
    by New Horizons Records
    Operation Sundevil Operation Sundevil
  17. Edge of the Wasteland (EP)
    by Fatalist
    Leaving the Wasteland Leaving the Wasteland
    A great EP filled with industrial undertones and a nice post-apocalyptic crunch that everyone needs to experience!
  18. Waves
    by The Encounter
    Deep Groove (Gabby's Theme) [Occams Laser Remix] Deep Groove (Gabby's Theme) [Occams Laser Remix]
    An album based on the Encounters previous Encounters?? Perfect! This synth laden modern instrumental opera hits you right in your retrospective feels and makes righful use of the emotions of relationships gone by. Everyone needs this in their collection! 10/10
  19. Shutdown
    by Street Cleaner
    Never Again Never Again
  20. The Victim Machine
    by Maniac Lover
    The Victim Machine The Victim Machine
  21. 228. BEATBOX MACHINERY feat. OCCAMS LASER - Fast cars, palm trees & hot ladies
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    fast cars, palm trees & hot ladies (original mix) fast cars, palm trees & hot ladies (original mix)
  22. Arcade Run
    by Superflight
    Arcade Run (Album Teaser) Arcade Run (Album Teaser)
    This EP is so much FUN! Filled to the brim with 80s flavor and style. What more could you ask for!
  23. Hungarian Synthwave Allstars - vol.1
    by Hungarian Synthwave Allstars
    Escape from Budapest Escape from Budapest
    These Hungarians make me Hungry for more!!! A fantastic collection of tracks. All filled with skill, talent and synths galore!
  24. Come Back Home
    by Stereospread
    Come Back Home Come Back Home
    A superb EP from the ever-impressive STEREOSPREAD duo! Tonnes of emotive lyrics, punchy drums and smooth as ice instruments.A summer essential to add to your collection.
  25. Get Some
    by Stallone Jones
    VHS Voyeur VHS Voyeur
    He's back! An absolute killer album from Stallone Jones. Full of 80s power and a nice smooth summery flavor! What better way to start the summer
  26. Pink Oscillator (EP)
    by Lapses
    Hologram Heart (feat. Lynna Stancato) Hologram Heart (feat. Lynna Stancato)
    Its so nice to hear the awesome style and sound of Lapses combined with stellar vocal work from Lynna. Perfect combo and great EP!
  27. Late Night Mirage EP
    by Kirk Gadget
    Victoria Blues Victoria Blues
  28. Machine Feed
    by Renz Wilde
    Dance With The Robot Dance With The Robot
    Renz Wilde does it again with yet another fantastic EP. Comprised of tonnes of fresh robo-crunching synths, that all hit the spot!
  29. 209. BETA GRID - Dream island
    by Werkstatt Recordings
    dream island dream island
  30. Traveller
    by Stilz
    Take Me With You Take Me With You
  31. Never Surrender
    by Jupiter-8
    Training Hard Training Hard
    If you want your power level to exceed 9000 then this is the perfect music to get you pumped, ripped and ready for the dojo! ★★★★★
  32. Electromagnetic Radiation EP
    by RAVENH0LM
    Pulsar Pulsar
  33. Summer 1989
    by Noizz Factor
    Counting Stars Counting Stars
  34. World's Ruin
    by Glitch Black
    Starcatcher Starcatcher
  35. The Road to Fury
    by Occams Laser
    Main Force Patrol Main Force Patrol
  36. Karate King Presents: The Annihilator
    by Various Artists
    Revelations Revelations
    This album is a powerhouse kick to the chops with energy, drive and most of all a superb selection of artists!
  37. A-Sides
    by Occams Laser
    Alacrity Alacrity