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Bersaín Lejarza

  1. Tepeji, Mexico
  2. Ambient
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  1. Grey City Life
    by Rosi
    Tanzen Tanzen
    ROSI's casual sound will invade your senses as the "Grey City Life" playback progresses. A brutally purposeful album.
  2. Vlimmer & Thanatoloop
    by Thanatoloop & Vlimmer
    Untertag Untertag
    ♦ En el encuentro de dos concepciones: Thanatoloop (el descenso al precipicio) y Vlimmer (la noche sin estrellas), tras su unión, nos ofrecen una placentera angustia de la que no desearás despertar.

    ♦ At the encounter of two conceptions: Thanatoloop (the descent to the precipice) and Vlimmer (the night without stars), after their union, offer us a pleasant anguish from which you will not want to wake up.
  3. Deer Traps
    by Leonard Donat
    Alteglofsheim Night Pedal Alteglofsheim Night Pedal
    The proposal of Leonard Donat, is a hug of sound tentacles, plunge you to an abyss without end.
  4. Gondola Days.
    by Ozymandia$
    Adios_goodbye2u_ Adios_goodbye2u_
    La fuerza de "Gondola Days" radica, no sólo en la diversidad de sonidos que Ozymandia$ ha diseñado, sino en los paisajes sonoros que nos evoca track tras track.
  5. Dyatlov
    by Sana Obruent
    The Journey The Journey
    I guarantee that the atmospheres generated in this disk, will make you observe your internal chasms.
  6. llllll/lllllll
    by Vlimmer
    Flutbahn Flutbahn
    Listening Vlimmer is an experience that grows, hearing after hearing.