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  1. Void Supremacy
    by BLOSSE
  2. Event Horizon
    by BLOSSE
  3. Esipram
    by Esipram
  4. ...Scars II (the basics)
    by panopticon
  5. Sempre Piu
    by wlots
  6. hymnes aux désarrois de la peau
    by Middle-Man Records
  7. Hail The Masters
    by BLOSSE
  8. Rehearsal Demo MMXIX
    by Everlasting Light
  9. divorce lawyers i shaved my head
    by jordaan mason and the horse museum
  10. Era Noire
    by BLOSSE
  11. Fire Returns to Heaven
    by Kinit Her
    by The Knit Separates
  13. Dead King's Dream
    by Pod Cast
    by Boggart's Field
  15. WHITE SUNS (HHR60)
  16. Wreckage Of The Raging World
    by Alkymist (CAN)
  17. EOS
    by Starless Domain
  18. Sleep Debt
    by Sleep Debt
    Untitled #5 Untitled #5
    tearing strips of skramz, grind, and black metal to weave back together something wholly its own and menacingly focused.
  19. Turn A New Leaf
    by Touron
    turn a new leaf turn a new leaf
    one of the most meaningful EPs of this decade. the title track destroys me on every listen.
  20. Bird
    by Lentic Waters
  21. Lord Snow / Le Mat split
    by Middle-Man Records
  22. Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Queen Tired
    by Midnight Werewolf Records
  23. RIMMERSGARD - Underground Collection 1997-2016 2MC (2019)
    by Rimmersgard
  24. II
    by Wet Petals
  25. Spectral Estate
    by Clawing
    Plastic Glowing Stars Plastic Glowing Stars
    beautiful droning portrait of isolation and its many faces
  26. Heartworn
    by Mur
  27. Athabasca
    by Mur
  28. Mur
    by Mur
  29. Suffer On
  30. Memorial (An Accompaniment)
    by Respire
  31. Remind Me Tomorrow
    by Sharon Van Etten
  32. After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house
    by Nivhek
  33. demo two
    by life
  34. last
    by ostraca
  35. enemy
    by ostraca
  36. ...This Earth Shaped Tomb
    by Gillian Carter
  37. All Ten
    by William Bonney
  38. somehow soon!
    by thisishowitendedintokyo
  39. Sa Majesté La Nuit
    by Nuit Noire
  40. III
    by Cage Of Creation
  41. the sylvia north story (v)
    by the sylvia north story
  42. The Forgotten Cinema LP
    by Love, Claire
  43. Quietly [2018 LP]
    by Planning For Burial
  44. ...put uninspired title here...
    by Knarkaren
  45. Clean
    by soccer mommy