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  1. Temptation Stairway (Waltz Variation)
    by metaroom
  2. GOD RACE (ENA - Temptation Stairway OST)
    by metaroom
  3. Temptation Stairway OST
    by Oliver Buckland
  4. VOID (EP)
  5. Keepin' it tribal 2
    by Clanadonia
  6. Keepin' it tribal
    by Clanadonia
  7. Ÿ
    by Öxxö Xööx
  8. white noise
    by kudasaibeats
  9. Mirror Image
    by kudasaibeats
  10. Katana ZERO (Original Soundtrack Remixes)
    by LudoWic, Bill Kiley
  11. Falling EP
    by kudasaibeats
  12. Katana ZERO (Original Soundtrack)
    by Bill Kiley, LudoWic
  13. OverPowered (Original Soundtrack)
    by flashygoodness
    Vs. Demon Lord Zenithius Vs. Demon Lord Zenithius
    by Bill Kiley
    Uncle Buck's Brutal Revenge Uncle Buck's Brutal Revenge
  15. Lordvessel
    by Tanuki
  16. Pause Ahead OST Side B
    by flashygoodness
    Nihil Descent Nihil Descent
  17. Pause Ahead OST Side A
    by Bill Kiley
    Boss of Nova Boss of Nova
  18. Tower of Heaven (Original Soundtrack)
    by flashygoodness
    Indignant Divinity Indignant Divinity