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  1. Pieces of You - The Piano Works
    by heklAa
    your shadow your shadow
  2. Autumn
    Void Void
    This album managed to dig its way deep into my being.The songs are melancholic and deep, without being cheesy. The gradual change of speed and the female vocals at the end of "Void" were ecstasy-inducing. I always tend to associate this piece of art with an image: late autumn/early winter, a pine forest, a cabin with a large fireplace, baroque-style armchairs, a library filled with old philosophy books.There is also loneliness, melancholy, and even despair, but this is the price for lucidity.
  3. Silencing the singing
    by Ulver
    Not saved Not saved
    Love this album. The atmosphere is eerie, and I truly love the blend of bells, piano, and static/noise. I completely forgot about "Not saved" until I heard it again on the Sinister2 movie soundtrack (the tapes part). Many weird memories came back, and I'm glad they did.
  4. Torn Beyond Reason
    by Woods of Desolation
    Somehow... Somehow...
    Dark and melancholic, this piece of art can tear you apart. One of the best ways to express the gloomy side of existence.
  5. Somewhere Along Our Memory
    by Sadness
    Kiss in October Kiss in October
    Superb album, with "Kiss in October" being my favorite. I would love to play this on my piano (if I only had the sheets). A perfect blend of melancholy and happiness.
  6. Tu, Deorum Hominumque Tyranne, Amor
    by Lebensessenz
    Über Die Brücke Der Träume Über Die Brücke Der Träume
    One of my favorite instrumental albums. As a piano player myself, I can truly appreciate the value of these compositions.
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