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  1. Triumphant Hearts
    by Jason Becker
  2. On The Rise
    by Imperial Jade
  3. Please Welcome Imperial Jade
    by Imperial Jade
  4. Forever
    by Paul Davids
  5. A song from PI - π/4 time | Melody of Pi
    by Paul Davids
  6. Guitar looping Live Performance | Beautiful and Powerful |
    by Paul Davids
  7. In Time
    by Intervals
    Mata Hari Mata Hari
    does it djent?
    Yes sir, that's some serious djenty melodic metal from the dark and mysterious forests and lakes of Ontario
  8. Red Romance
    by Walter Spencer
    Organic and certified green bluegrass/folk music is all I need
  9. Extremely Instrumental
    by Pascal Vigné
  10. Onde de Choc
    by Pascal Vigné
  11. Minuit Sur Les Toits
    by Pascal Vigné
  12. Triple FX II
    by Pascal Vigné
  13. bad smiling puppets
    by Eric Fermentel
  14. Ode to the Author
    by Toska

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  1. Fire by the Silos
    by Toska
  2. Onde de Choc
    by Pascal Vigné