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  1. Parallel
    by Four Tet
    Parallel 4 Parallel 4
    Such a good album
  2. Bisou sur la joue
    by LÜNE
  3. In Media Res
    by Dntel / Tejada
    Bird Faces Bird Faces
    I really hope you guys decide to do another album together because this was awesome.
  4. In Absentia
    by Subjoi
    High Street High Street
    This is a good one, gives me Twisted EP vibes and I love it.
  5. Mixed Signals
    by Frederic Robinson
  6. acheless
    by Tom VR
    couldn't find the words couldn't find the words
    You just keep getting better.
  7. The Archive
    by Iota & Edo Lee
  8. sketches of transition
    by seb wildblood
    muscle memory muscle memory
    I first heard of you through a remix of Philip Budny song and I've been following every since.
  9. freedom of the son
    by Uyama Hiroto
  10. Crescent Lake EP
    by Manatee Commune
    Majestic Diver Majestic Diver
    Great EP, I really like your progression into your sound, I'm definitely getting some Bonobo vibes from this and it's great.
  11. Mountain of Memory
    by Emancipator
    Himalayan Himalayan
    So glad you're back.
  12. Baum EP
    Keinrussisch Keinrussisch
  13. Me & U EP
    by Subjoi
  14. Colors
  15. Souvenirs
    by LÜNE
    Places Places
    Really gives a good callback to the synth, and kinda reminded me of something Daft Punk would've done on Discovery.
  16. Rebirth of the Machine
    by Droid Bishop
    Mirrors of Escher Mirrors of Escher
    I'm so glad you're back
  17. Contrast
    by Pad Chennington
    by Little People
    How To Navigate How To Navigate
    This album is awesome, through the jazz downtempo tracks, to the upbeat electronic jams, it takes you on a journey. Even when the album slows down a little, there's always this groove behind every track. Reminds me of Frederick Robinsons Flea Waltz album, just another instrumental masterpiece.
  19. U Melt Me
    by Fla.mingo
  20. A Weekend Far Out
    by S&W