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Benjamin Reitzammer

  1. Frankfurt, Germany
  2. Rock
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  1. Hymn to the Immortal Wind – Anniversary Edition
    by MONO
  2. Nowhere Now Here
    by MONO
  3. Being Empty : Being Filled Vol. I
  4. Requiem For Hell
    by MONO
  5. Real Life Awaits Us
    by Goodbye, Titan
  6. Heimkehr
    by Fargo
  7. Yaron
    by Fargo
  8. Ujubasajuba
    by Kairon; IRSE!
  9. Show Me A Dinosaur
    by Show Me A Dinosaur
  10. Illumination Ritual
    by The Appleseed Cast
  11. sleepdrone/superposition (feat. Allan Kingdom, Astronautalis, Eric Mayson, Kathleen Hanna, Hard_R, Lydia Liza, Lizzo, Nicholas L. Perez) - Single
    by P.O.S
  12. Forever
    by In the Wake of Giants
  13. Stücke zu Politik und Gesellschaft
    by A Poor Man’s Memory
  14. Tanknology
    by That Fucking Tank
  15. Silently, I Threw Them Skyward
    by We Never Learned To Live
  16. The Last Dawn
    by MONO
  17. Rays of Darkness
    by MONO
  18. Love of Cartography
    by sleepmakeswaves
  19. For My Parents
    by MONO
  20. Kanata
    by MONO
  21. Pauhu
    by Revival Hymns
  22. Hallucination Diaries
    by Revival Hymns
    appears in 1 other collection
  23. All That Glitter Ain't Soul
    by Luk&Fil
  24. Whale Fall
    by Whale Fall
  25. Blazing Fires And Helicopters On The Frontpage Of The Newspaper. There's A War Going On And I'm Marching In Heavy Boots
    by Suffocate for fuck sake
  26. Schematics for Gravity
    by Schematics for Gravity
  27. Icaro (EP)
    by Icaro
  28. A Waltz With The Seventh Crane
    by Sleepstream
  29. We've Been Talking
    by Enemies
  30. Sinking Ships EP
    by Lost in the Riots
  31. Feathers
    by Revival Hymns
    Arms Replaced with Steel Arms Replaced with Steel
  32. -t
    by ENO
  33. the liquid ep
    by All You've Seen
  34. Red Sessions
    by Audiocæneat!
  35. The Joy, The Sorrow
    by In the Wake of Giants
    Rescued By A Sinking Ship Rescued By A Sinking Ship
    So powerful! Absolutely Love It!
  36. óvænt lán
    by Arctic Whisperings
  37. Fathers & Sons
    by A Poor Man’s Memory
  38. Tomorrow We'll Wonder Where This Generation Gets Its Priorities From
    by September Malevolence
  39. Contra
    by Once We Were
  40. Grand Letdown
    by Scraps Of Tape
  41. The Octopus
    by Amplifier
  42. Marshall
    by Lowercase Noises