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  1. Ice Fleet
    by KAUAN
    To this day "Sorni Nai" is one of the albums that had the bigger impact on me...from the 2 advanced tracks, it seems this one will do too.
    It's just one of those bands that speaks to my soul...
  2. Zwart Vierkant
    by Grey Aura
  3. Ignóbil
    by SALQIU
  4. Lazarus Denied
    by SALQIU
  5. Fire, Magic & Venom
    by Sea Mosquito
    It's official now: Sea Mosquito is a force to be reckoned within the avantgarde Black Metal genre. This thing obliterates you and really does not care about how you are left after listening. Merciless bastards!
    My EP of the year so far! I NEED IT ON CD!
  6. Sem Propósito
    by Bríi
    Honestly, with Bríi I don't even have to listen before buy... Now that it is in my collection, I'll give it the time it needs to sink in. From initial listen this is absolutely majestic, inspired and groudbreaking (as always).
  7. Cinders
    by Hand of Kalliach
    This is a heck of a powerful and focused track. Hand of Kalliach delivers!
  8. The Bad Wife
    by Julie Christmas
  9. The Ichthyologist
    And after all these years of complete awe about this album, I'll finally have it in a proper format...
    One of those timeless masterpieces.
  10. Esperança é um Pai que Abandona
    by Bríi
    yeah, there are connections here with my life....and with my music too. A must-buy at first listen.
  11. Maelström
    by Thermohaline
  12. Descent Towards Death
    by Los Males Del Mundo
    Let's just say, simply put, this is MONUMENTAL!
  13. Obârșie
    by Sur Austru
    Just saying that Obstacle of Affliction is spot on in his words. This is magical and mystifying. And I totally get his reference to Kauan too. I just can't stop listening to this marvelous album.
  14. ANGUIS DEI : Angeist
    by Drakkar Productions
    Not gonna say much, except that this BLEW ME AWAY!
  15. Witch Coven
    by Rorcal & Earthflesh
  16. Scion of Aether
    by VELNIAS
  17. Black Widow Nebula
    by Caelestra
    Absolutely magical and one of the best releases of 2020, even if only now I discovered it. Those occasional Devin Townsend vibes are astonishing, as the whole experience is. Turn your lights out, put your headphones on and travel the cosmos!
  18. For the Glory of your Redeemer
    by Misotheist
  19. Melinoë
    by Akhlys
  20. Desontstijging
    by Druon Antigon
    Inventive, daring, incredibly tight and with an approach that is completely outside-the-box. This is simply a must-have for all BM fans that enjoy diversity and uniqueness in their music. Brilliant!