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Argo Nunya

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  1. A battle in the dark lands of the eye...
    by Keys of Orthanc
  2. The Chamber of Mazarbul [EP]
    by Grimdor
  3. Battle at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm (Single)
    by Grimdor
  4. The Lonely Mountain [EP]
    by Grimdor
  5. Stone of the Hapless [EP]
    by Grimdor
  6. The Red Eye of Sauron (Single)
    by Grimdor
  7. Akt I: Wille
    by Narziss
  8. Akt I: Wille - Bonus Tracks
    by Narziss
  9. Drowning in the residues of misery
    by Transcendance
  10. Emotionale Ödnis
    by Tardigrada
  11. Crisis Identity (Oxymoron Cover)
    by Mirkwood
  12. Void
    by Nachtgeist
  13. Afar Angathfark
    by Emyn Muil
  14. Revenger Of Blood (Remastered & Expanded)
    by Elgibbor
  15. Níłch’itsoh
    by Parabola
  16. Verbrannte Erde (Re-Recorded)
    by Mavorim / Totenwache
  17. Axis Mundi
    by Mavorim
    by N8NOFACE
  19. The World Is Getting Colder
    by Lebanon Hanover
  20. Exiled, Punished...Rejected
    by Beltez