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  1. Where Greater Men Have Fallen
    by Primordial
    Babel's Tower Babel's Tower
  2. Mindless Automatons
    by Through Mists
  3. Love of a Father
    by Witch of the Vale
  4. Detonation
    by Retrograth
    Holy Trinity Holy Trinity
    I got hooked to Retrograth's dark and cool songs when I heard the song Crooked Fingers a few years ago and the new EP Detonation doesn't disappoint. The goth vibe is always there and I love Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Fields Of Nephilim etc but Retrograth doesn't try to copy or sound like any of these bands. It's just a unique blend of dark and restrained synthwork, full of hidden melodies and intricate leads, industrial nuances and the smooth vocals flowing around, backed by groovy basslines.
  5. Dreams Out of Joint: A Tribute to Philip K. Dick
    by Machina ad Noctem
  6. Solar Drone (EP)
    by Not So Evil
    Heavy af riffs, beautiful melodies and mad rythms and guitar/violin leads flow around alien soundscapes. Epic sonic journey, thoroughly enjoyable!
  7. WarMech
    by Front Line Assembly
  8. Vol. 2
    by Machine Animal Vs Simplefixty
  9. Corrosion (feat. Jeff Vicario) - cold space remix
    by Null-O Band
  10. Sonic Ghosts (feat. Retrograth) - single
    by Null-O Band
  11. Do You Believe In The Existence Of Extraterrestrials?
    by Ari Mason
  12. They Mostly Come At Night [Expanded]
    by Darkness Calling
  13. Saturation
    by Retrograth
    appears in 1 other collection
  14. Flight of the Flamingo EP
    by Flamingo Jones
  15. Captains Log Part 1
    by Flamingo Jones
  16. I've been working all day
    by Flamingo Jones
  17. S/S Bore
    by Jeff Vicario
    The Plague The Plague
  18. Kingdom of the Sky
    by Through Mists
  19. Heaven Is Hell
    by Gemwave