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  1. Processional (Mason Jar Remix)
    by Josh Garrels
  2. Woodcut
    by Sailcloth
  3. Scissortail
    by James McAlister
    Cycle 5 Cycle 5
    It's a soundtrack for those moods where you need music to match but can't quite find the perfect album. Roller skating or falling asleep, the window on a rainy day or the hammock on a sunny day, watching your kid learn to walk or watching the decades-old home video of your kid learning to, melancholy, hope, grief, wisftulness, contentment...somehow it all works.
  4. Truth or Consequences
    by Unwed Sailor
  5. Sleep Comes Then I Wake
    by Abby Gundersen
  6. American Foursquare
    by Denison Witmer
    Catalina Love Catalina Love
    It's a masterpiece! Musically, yes, but moreso in the way it captures family life and a father's heart. Despite normalcy, banality, routine, intensity, discontentedness, and the struggle of it all...the constant dance of selfishness and selflessness...these are transcendental moments of cosmic importance that we can't fully understand or appreciate.Family life is what makes us human and what makes us more than human. And somehow all that is captured in the mood and words of this album.
  7. Look Alive
    by Unwed Sailor
  8. Close Keeping
    by Sailcloth
    Older Dogs Older Dogs
    Don't let the understated nature of these sketches fool you. Where most ambient music seeks texture in endless layers, Alex finds the texture of each individual instrument and makes them characters each with something to say as they dialogue and play with one another. Like Alex himself, they never say too much, but they always say just enough, and always with a twinkle in the eye.
  9. Heavy Age
    by Unwed Sailor
  10. There Is No Feeling Better
    by Mike Adams At His Honest Weight
  11. Business As Usual EP
    by Prayer Breakfast
  12. Psalms
    by Sandra McCracken
  13. Bright Star
    by Aaron Strumpel
  14. Seven Swans Reimagined
    by On Joyful Wings
  15. Wend
    by Joshua Stamper
  16. All Delighted People EP
    by Sufjan Stevens
  17. Christmas Rockin' (2015)
    by Doc Evans and the In-Laws
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. Home For Christmas (2016)
    by Doc Evans and the In-Laws
  19. Christmas With the In Laws (2016)
    by Doc Evans and the In-Laws
    appears in 1 other collection

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