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  1. The Old Witch's Cavern
    by The Marshmallow Ghosts
  2. Here's John Myrtle
    by John Myrtle
  3. Pretty Good Guy
    by Shades McCool
  4. Wide Eyed Wild Ride
    by Twink The Toy Piano Band
  5. The Residents - Loss Of The Lizard Lady
    by The Residents
  6. Institutional Gears
    by Dimesland
  7. Dying Foretold
    by Dimesland
  8. Make America Say Merry Christmas Again
    by Anal Trump
    by Guerilla Toss
  10. If You Wanted To Qualify For Health Insurance, Then Maybe You Shouldn't Have Gotten Raped?
    by Anal Trump
    by The Sooper Swag Project
  12. AD174 Teen Cult 'Teen Cult'
    by Already Dead Tapes and Records
  13. AOID
    by Ratboys
    by doseone
    by jane la onda
  16. The Thirteen Kisses EP
    by Tredici Bacci
  17. The Thirteen Kisses EP
    by Tredici Bacci
  18. Tacit in Tact
    by Options
  19. YMF262
    by Diode Milliampere
  20. Nearest Suns
    by Brad Laner
  21. Molly Drake
    by Molly Drake
  22. It's A Wonderful Life
    by 2 Ton Bug
  23. Sad History Month
    by Bad History Month
  24. Bootie Noir
    by NNAMDÏ
    ICE CREAM (Banana Split) ICE CREAM (Banana Split)
  25. Arterial Ends Here
    by Surplus 1980
  26. Open Relationship
    by Bird Names
  27. Fucking Despair
    by Fat History Month
  28. Bad History Month
    by Fat History Month
  29. Why Not / Long Hook Single
    by Rabble Rabble
  30. Albino
    by ONO
  31. Sleeps Around: Collaborations with dälek & His Name Is Alive
    by Anti-Social Music
    After Devils Night - His Name is Alive After Devils Night - His Name is Alive