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  1. Facade Buster
    by Vehicle (Dave Aju + The Tourist)
  2. Back To The World
    by Space Bugs
  3. Field of View EP
    by Solar Suite
  4. 1.5m
    by Jennifer Loveless
  5. The New Adaptive Lacerta
    by Reptant
  6. Freefall / Burnt Offering (Sel11)
    by Phume
  7. Synaesthesiacs Synaesthesia
    by VA
  8. Active Mind
    by LOIF
  9. Kepler 78b
    by Rowan
  10. Find An Exit (Are You Alien)
    by Briki
  11. Proto Psy Werkout
    by Axon Growth Factor
  12. TRANS001
    by Translusid
    by ELEKTRIKTUS a.c.a. Andrea Centazzo
  14. uu001
    by cameo blush (unknown artist 001)
  15. Back Burners Vol.1
    by Ménage
  16. Mindkiss
    by Ambien Baby
  17. Thoughts Racing
    by Ahm
  18. Ectoplastic (Reppi's Steppy Mix)
    by Reptant
  19. Vulgar Display of Debug vol.3 [thrift, thrift, Horatio!]
    by sylvain van iniitu
  20. Speaking Through Machines
    by Sam Brickel