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  1. Proof
    by BLOOP (Lina Allemano / Mike Smith)
  2. Vegetables
    by Lina Allemano Four
  3. Dream Logic
    by Sarah Jerrom
    by Noah Preminger and Kim Cass
  5. Alphabet of Wrongdoing
    by Daniela Gesundheit
  6. Eau De Bonjourno
    by bernice
  7. Stress Positions
    by Joe Moffett
  8. Togetherness!
    by Ellwood Epps & Togetherness!
  9. A Summer Trio
    by Epps Gray Crane
  10. Dijkstra/Epps/Caloia/Hollenbeck in Montreal
    by Dijkstra/Epps/Caloia/Hollenbeck
  11. Into the Silence - 于无声处
    by Peter Evans
  12. Glimmer Glammer, solo trumpet
    by Lina Allemano
  13. Two Compositions (FONT) 2007
    by Anthony Braxton
  14. All the Little Things You Do
    by Rebecca Hennessy
  15. Double entendre
    by Geordie Haley & Robin Servant (musique) / Laurent Gagnon (linogravure)
  16. Collateral
    by Collateral (Shalabi/Adams/Crofts)
  17. The Concert: 12 Musings for Isabella
    by Jason Palmer
  18. To Be Surrounded By Beautiful, Curious, Breathing, Laughing Flesh Is Enough
    by Deerhoof
  19. Another Word For Worried EP
    by SlowPitchSound
  20. To Silver (Kiki Riddim)
    by Pyne