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  1. What About Flowers?
    by snarls
  2. Clothbound
    by The Sonder Bombs
  3. Ruthless Sun
    by Equipment
  4. Live At Minechella
    by Equipment
  5. All You Admire
    by Equipment
  6. Discography
    by Bay Faction
  7. Eternal Forward Motion
    by Employed To Serve
  8. The Front Bottoms Ukulele Versions
    by The Front Bottoms
  9. Madrigal
    by Equipment
  10. Madrigal
    by Equipment
  11. Madrigal
    by Equipment
  12. Ruthless Sun
    by Equipment
  13. Locus
    by Satyr
    by The Sonder Bombs
  15. Madrigal
    by Equipment
  16. Music to Practice Safe Sex to
    by Pool Kids
  17. I Forgot To Love My Father (Double EP)
    by I Forgot To Love My Father
    Let's All Start A Band Let's All Start A Band
    One of my favorite projects of 2019. This is one of those rare projects me and a buddy randomly stumbled upon and fell in love with immediately. RIP IFTLMF 😢
  18. Pseudoscience
    by Hollow & Akimbo
    Chasing the Nevermind Chasing the Nevermind
  19. Hollow & Akimbo
    by Hollow & Akimbo
    Still Life Still Life
    Hasn't gotten old since the first day I listened to it, so much that I had to buy it again. The other-wordly atmosphere of this album has made an imprint on me forever– a bittersweet reminder of how simple times were when I first fell in love with it.
  20. Hollow & Akimbo
    by Hollow & Akimbo
    Instead of a Head Instead of a Head
    Pure genius. I've listened to each of the songs a million times over and I'm still not sick of it. You have no idea how hard it was to pick one favorite because it changes so often. I'll probably change my mind in a few days.