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  1. Famous Last Words
  2. Three Colour Portrait
    by Tokyo Prose
    by Winslow
  4. Rudy
    by Calibre
    Hard To Believe Hard To Believe
    Without question one of the best producers of any (dance/electronic) genre ever. Better yet, Calibre is his own genre.
  5. Philth BTP Samplepack
    by Philth
  6. PADS (Sample Pack)
    by Microfunk Crew
  7. SYNTHS (Sample Pack)
    by Nuage
  8. Conversations With Ghosts
    by Akuratyde
  9. LSB
    by lsb
  10. Twelve Tones
    by Tokyo Prose
  11. Together with Ukraine
    by Together with Ukraine
  12. Hurt Index
    by Tyrone
  13. This must be the place EP
    by Redeyes
  14. X2
    by Various Artists
  15. A Little While Longer
    by Lenzman
  16. A Vision Of Hope
    by FD
  17. The Ingredients #001
    by Amoss
  18. The Ingredients #002
    by Amoss
  19. Lucid Dreams EP
    by Satl
    Nebula Nebula
    He seems pretty comfortable when out of his comfort zone (at least to me). I've been a huge fan since I heard "Joy" on Fokuz in 2015 and he keeps setting the bar ridiculously high for himself.

    Satl reminds me a lot of Halogenix because he is also a bit of trailblazer with the versitility to create techy rollers and emotive soul/hip hop inspired cuts. It still amazes me how good he is, but I guess this is what happens when you start producing in your early teens.

  20. Lanta Nights EP
    by FD
    The Creatures From Planet 9 The Creatures From Planet 9
    There truly is no other artist like FD. One of those producers that consistently nails a classic but simultaneously fresh sound.