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  1. You Are Surrounded
    by Sora Shima
  2. The Bigfoot Rocketship
    by The Bigfoot Rocketship
  3. Dear Isaac
    by Walking Oceans
  4. Splash Of Summer
    by The Kevyn Gnartinez Band
  5. Desert Orchid EP
    by Hackberry
  6. A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters: Vol. VIII
    by MMTH
  7. Sleep with Wires // Almost Colossus
    by CAVALLO
  8. Rituals Of The Deep
    by Mariachi Death Squad
  9. Blindpassasjer
    by 1099
  10. We Are Trees
    by The Last Sighs Of The Wind
  11. Noorvik
    by Noorvik
  12. 3D Land
    by Meth Elvis
  13. Peasant
    by Meth Elvis
  14. Movement
    by Meth Elvis
  15. When The Water Smells Of Sweat (Album 2018)
    by The Dry Mouths
  16. CJ&S
    by CJ&S
  17. Retropod - 2011
    by Eyes of Etherea
  18. AGM/Fourth Quarter Slump
    by NASDAQ
  19. Witness
    by Jack O' The Clock
  20. Transmission
    by Far Behind The Sun
  21. Assumed Chromatic Void
    by Dancing Chairs
  22. 1st demo
    by cetow
  23. Electric Sunrise
    by Phantom Operators
  24. Criminal Record
    by Adrian Weiss
  25. Out Of The Blue
    by Tuber
  26. Desert Overcrowded
    by Tuber
  27. Pi
    by Nazca Space Fox
  28. OUT NOW - (GC061) Hangin' Fourteen (LP)
    by The Halibuts
  29. Younger Years
    by Delta Sleep
  30. Terra Sola
    by Rosetta
  31. Desert Dove
    by Michaela Anne
  32. Stuck In Motion
    by Stuck in Motion
  33. Wrong again, Albert...
    by The Cosmic Trip Advisors
  34. Oceanic Electron Harvest [Side A]
    by Vinyl Dial
  35. Fractured Time
    by LyAllen
  36. Weather Vein
    by LyAllen
  37. Not Quite Real
    by LyAllen
  38. Second Life
    by LyAllen
  39. Home Fed and Full Grown- Music for Film and Dance
    by Rattlemouth
  40. Viento Bravo
    by Melange
  41. Mir
    by Telegraph
  42. Enter the Ceremony of Damnation
    by Gods & Punks
  43. Escape to the Stars - Single
    by Gods & Punks
  44. Mad Fellaz III
  45. Mad Fellaz II