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  1. The Deer in The Forest: March 2, 1985 Live at Roulette
    by Arthur Russell
  2. Autumn Bird Songs
    by Jason Molina
  3. Going to Georgia
    by Merge Records
  4. I Love You (feat. David Pajo)
    by Bill Callahan & Bonnie "Prince" Billy
  5. The Jordan Lake Sessions: Volumes 1 and 2
    by The Mountain Goats
  6. Everywhere, Forever
    by Peter Peter Hughes
  7. Bachi da Pietra with Jason Molina - "Sailing Blind"
    by Songs: Molina
  8. Sketches For World Of Echo: June 25 1984 Live At Ei
    by Arthur Russell
  9. Final Goodship Tuesday
    by Evidence
  10. Live At Cat's Cradle, September 25th, 2007
    by Magnolia Electric Co.
  11. Streets of Rage 3 (Remastered)
    by Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima
  12. The Original Sounds of Action Button Entertainment's VIDEOBALL
    by coda
  13. Day of the Tiles (EP)
    by The Human Hearts
  14. The Longest Winter
    by The Mountain Goats
  15. Suicide Cult
    by Peter Peter Hughes
  16. when i think of you it's only colors
    by puppybrother
  17. All Of Them Naturals
    by Uranium Club
  18. golden girl
    by fuvk
    dec17 dec17
    gorgeous songs. happy thanksgiving, z
  19. The Future Is Dark
    by Petrol Girls
  20. Thank You Lrrr, You're Welcome Maxshh
    by Maxshh