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  1. Plus
    by System
  2. At The Stroke of Midnight
    by Brandon Sills
  3. All At Once
    by Screaming Females
  4. Earthbound [2010]
    by The Adventures of Duane & BrandO
  5. Kite, Noah S.
    by Noah Kite
  6. Obscure Formulas
    by Brass Clouds
  7. Music For Cephalopods
    by Brass Clouds
  8. Stord
    by Brass Clouds
  9. Floating Chamber
    by Brass Clouds
  10. Scrimshaw'89
    by Mighty Orphans
  11. Live at the Beerfest
    by Mighty Orphans
  12. The Sequence
    by Mighty Orphans
  13. The Great Amerakin Dream
    by Amerakin Overdose
  14. Light by Light
    by zinnie for short
  15. No Longer Whole- Demo
    by zinnie for short
    There's very few artists I've had the privilege to hear that deliver an experience that elicits physical chills from their music. Noah's music possesses that ability and I can't stress enough how much his music is worth listening to.

    I'll be honest, I didn't expect this from a guitarist I first met through The Martyrs. Many times in the last several months I've found myself questioning whether it is even the same guy. Sometimes the best music comes from the people you least expect.
  16. The Pink Caves
    by FENSTER
  17. Emocean
    by FENSTER
  18. Bones
    by FENSTER
  19. The Adventures of Mick and Corey
    by Mick and Corey
  20. Magnetosphere
    by Mondegreen