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  1. Natural Impasse
    by Avalon Emerson
  2. Debiasing
    by Barker
  3. 3 EPs
    by Ffion
  4. Ping (Vainqueur Remix)
    by Hauschka
  5. Violet - Abyss
    by naive
  6. Mirror
    by Ruhig
    An endless cascading sequence of what sounds like some kind of metallophone, set over a solid techno groove, with only the subtlest of changes unfolding over 6 minutes. Total winner.
  7. Transition
    by Synkro
    A stunningly beautiful ambient piece, reminiscent of classic Global Communication tracks. If you're in any way a fan of ambient electronic music, this is an essential purchase.
  8. Middle Ouest
    by bergsonist
    La Rave La Rave
    There's a boldness about these tracks that is captivating. Kind of like "I'm gonna do a track that is basically a slowed down edit of the previous track, and if you don't like it you can f*** off." Clearly there are loads of inspirations all being pulled together here, from techno, house, bass music, glitch/DSP etc, but Bergsonist has a unique sound and vibe that seems to flick two fingers up at current trends.
  9. Fields (Claro Intelecto Remix)
    by Synkro
    A perfect combination: deep floating ambience from Synkro's original track, propelled by the heft of Claro's techno groove. Some of the sound design has a weird compelling quality, with intakes of breath and fragmented almost-intelligible voices that your ears strain to hear. This track does exactly what a top remix should: fusing the sound of two producers in a way that creates more than the sum of its parts.
  10. Why On Earth
    by Polypores
    Heavenly long form harmonic synth ambience. This reminds me slightly of Eno and Fripp, insofar as it creates a sense of extended suspension in a space, rather than of linear development over the course of the track. Recommended for any fans of harmonic electronic ambient music.
  11. The Great Wizard Of The New World
    by Polypores
  12. Eagle Breaks
    by Fufi.SNC
    Super nice vibes - rolling breaks and deep swirling pads. Love it.
  13. Tanglewood
    by Meemo Comma
  14. Resonant Body
    by Octo Octa
  15. Lighter Touch
    by ELEH
  16. 20,000
    by Blu Terra
    Something about the groove in this just works. It sounds like a techno track but the rhythm is more rolling - reminiscent of the UK dubstep / techno crossover sound (Hessle, Apple Pips, Livity Sound etc). After the 4 min mark there's also a wicked synth line that really starts to bite.
  17. Copper Mines, New Machines and the Future Conspiracy
    by PTU
  18. Cactus
    by Objekt
    Well this is a classic now isn't it? I didn't entirely understand it at first, but then I started dropping it into mixes and wow - it just seems to fit effortlessly with anything. Mix these into straight techno tracks and they roll along on top, Cactus especially, adding little flourishes and bursts of sound here and there. It has the groove of dance music, but coupled with a sensibility for sonic detail that reminds me more of good electroacoustic music. Outstanding release.
  19. Pépe - Palinka Hammer
    by gayphextwin, Pépe
    I was blown away by this to be honest. It incorporates so many of the best elements of dance music from different styles: lush halcyon synth chords that chop up into a propulsive gated rhythm; a thumping beat and cutting lead melody; and 90s ambient vox pads swirling in and out. If this track doesn't get totally rinsed this year, I'm going to call for a public enquiry.
  20. Ilana Bryne - Low Earth Orbit EP with Ciel remix
    by naive
    Ilana Bryne - Dub Box Medicine Ilana Bryne - Dub Box Medicine
    Classic tunes blending house beats with breaks, reminiscent of early 90s dance music, but with more modern production values. This is what really stands out for me here: the sheer quality of how these tracks are crafted. The balance of the mix, the groove, the pacing and arrangement, the choice of samples, the dynamic range...I can't find a flaw in it.
  21. Frequency (Luke Vibert Remix)
    by Mark Archer
  22. Waterfall (Birth)
    by Rrose
  23. (You Have To) Work
    by Lauren Flax
    Absolute belter of a jacking acid house track. And the rogue 707 cowbell is a touch of genius.
  24. Sonder
    by Thomas Ragsdale
  25. Mocking Bird
    by Thomas Ragsdale
    Hope Sandoval Hope Sandoval
    Two long, rolling, slow burn techno cuts. Deeply atmospheric and hypnotic productions. Mocking Bird has cascading arps that seem to go on forever. Hope Sandoval fits perfectly in a mix. Both tracks are fantastic for long blends.
  26. Hymn to Moisture
    by Rrose
    Hymn to Moisture Hymn to Moisture
    Rrose keeps the quality dialled up to maximum here with an object lesson in how techno can be so much more than hammering kick drums. Working the ground between techno and avant garde experimental music, these tracks incorporate shifting synthesized drones and hypnotic rhythms, composed in unfolding, interlocking structures.

    A shout out too for the mastering, which sounds like it has been done to perfection (by Stefan Betke, aka Pole); the dynamic range and balance of frequencies is superb.
  27. Resilienz
    by JakoJako
    A captivating piece, with its shifting layers of modular synth. This seems to find a space in all my DJ sets, but is equally suited to home listening. Brilliant.
  28. OOF
    by Alex Falk
    Lift Lift
    Awesome skewed house / techno gear, with solid grooves plus some weirdness thrown in to keep things interesting. The title track is what hooked me in, but I find some of the others fit in a mix more easily. Lift is my favourite at the moment, but to be honest they're all really strong. Highly recommended.
  29. Utility
    by Barker
    Paradise Engineering Paradise Engineering
    For me this is an instant classic, and a rare instance of music living up to the hype. An album to keep coming back to: by turns beautiful, complex, deeply atmospheric, and at points with a driving rhythmic energy that takes the idea of ambient techno very literally. I've seen Barker refer to "ambient bangers" and that's a perfect description.
  30. MIN024 - 6x6=36 Vol One
    by Donnacha Costello
  31. MIN034 - Black Bag Job
    by Donnacha Costello
  32. MIN008 - Colorseries Pistachio
    by Donnacha Costello
  33. MIN025 - 6X6=36 Vol 2
    by Donnacha Costello
  34. MIN006 - Colorseries Rubine Red
    by Donnacha Costello
  35. DONE06 - Goshdarnit E.P.
    by Donnacha Costello
  36. LNG1 - The Only Way To Win Is Not To Play The Game
    by Donnacha Costello
  37. MIN022 - Bear Bounces Back (Troy Pierce Mix)
    by Donnacha Costello
  38. MIN003 - Perspective/Reflective
    by Donnacha Costello
  39. LNG3 - Pleite
    by Donnacha Costello
  40. MIN019 - No Matter What I Do / Bear Bounces Back
    by Donnacha Costello
  41. MIN001 - Zhana
    by Donnacha Costello
  42. MIN010 - Colorseries Opal
    by Donnacha Costello
  43. MIN004 - Colorseries Blue
    by Donnacha Costello
  44. DONE15 - Visitor - Basement Life (Donnacha Costello Remix)
    by Donnacha Costello
  45. MIN011 - Colorseries Olive
    by Donnacha Costello