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  1. Ely, Minnesota
  2. Metal
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    by The River's Source
  2. Headwaters
    by The River's Source
  3. Beasts Of Its Creation
    by The River's Source
  4. Lappish Shatanism
    by Nôidva
  5. Villfarelse
    by Syn
  6. Cartas de Melancol​í​a
    by A Rose Dying In The Rain
  7. Ausencia
    by A Rose Dying In The Rain
  8. Por siempre tú
    by A Rose Dying In The Rain
  9. Sacrifice
    by Olhava
  10. Othervoid
    by Transit Method
  11. Ett mjukt raseri
    by Efterbild
    Perhaps my favorite full length album this year.
  12. Like Twisted Bones of Fallen Giants
    by Hollow Woods
  13. В прекрасном и яростном мире
    by Яблоня
    Absolute perfection. Please please please have an album soon...
  14. Aftryk
    by Vægtløs
  15. World Delirium
    by Feastem
  16. Tranquilities II: The Air, The Silence, The Vast Array of Emptiness
    by Seder / Galdr
  17. An Abscess on the Heart of the State
    by Tumultuous Ruin
  18. endless life
    by Faith
  19. Return of Nightfall
    by Erstwhile
  20. Steeling of a Soul
    by Erstwhile