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  1. THE MAP
    by LORN
  2. Yamanote loops
    by Mountain Hands
    Shinjuku 1 Shinjuku 1
    Take a stroll through haunted Japanese train stations with a soundtrack that combines qualities of The Caretaker, Silent Hill, and Vaporwave. A unique and intriguing listening experience.
  3. A Pulse of Durations
    by Tapes and Topographies
  4. Opiates
    by Tapes and Topographies
    An Unknown Circumference An Unknown Circumference
    Like a collection of ambient short stories. Each one a joy of its own.
  5. Healing Sounds II: A compilation for those in need
    by Various Artists
  6. Healing Sounds: A Compilation for Hurricane Recovery
    by Various Artists
  7. Memory Castle
    by Strange Process
    Convenience Stores Convenience Stores
    Summer days playing Playstation while squares of sunshine slowly slither across the carpet. We got out the bin of Legos and started digging. My friend rubbed his arm across his chin, knocking out his front tooth into the plastic blocks. Those were the Legos my mother played with when she was a kid.
  8. The Last of Our Time Together
    by Hakobune
    The Last of Our Time Together The Last of Our Time Together
    Sometimes I think back and see your face, just as clear as if you were right here with me. I remember the time we got a flat tire on our way to a concert. The highway was still hot, though the sun had already set an hour before. It's moments like this that seem not too much distorted by nostalgia, because they really were that good when they happened.
  9. All My Regret For Nothing Remembered
    by Hakobune
  10. June 2018
    by Keys for Eclipse
  11. Pictures in a Rough Mosaic
    by Keys For Eclipse
    Why Do You Feel That Way? Why Do You Feel That Way?
    Peering into the past through the pictures from our childhoods. Never really able to put a name to the feeling. A mosaic of images that pulls us into the past, and pulls our past towards us. Images that remind us of something that eluded us then and we struggle to know now. We don't know what of our experience will be valuable. We must wait until we look back on it through the mosaic, some day in the future when we struggle to know what eludes us now.
  12. Lost Time
    by Keys for Eclipse
  13. The World Is Happy to Slowly Ignore You
    by Keys for Eclipse
    I Guess if You Really Just Want Background Music (Edit #8) I Guess if You Really Just Want Background Music (Edit #8)
    I woke up in the food court. I don't even remember coming to this mall today. Some guy in a trenchcoat came up to me and said he knew about when I was born. I thought that was too weird, so I ran. Then I met a strange woman dressed in black. She told me I was destined to make paradise on earth, or something. My pocket radio keeps making static noise here, too. I've had it with this creepy mall.
  14. Observations
    by Keys for Eclipse
    Sketch Sketch
    Walking through the city during a thick fog. I thought there was someone following us, but I don't see them now. Let's take a rest on this bench here. We can watch the misty people float by in the haze.
  15. sleep tape
    by alphabets
    night time music night time music
    In a diphenhydramine-induced haze. Infomercials are starting to take on an emergent narrative structure. A show in which character motivations lie hidden behind a shifting veneer of hucksterism. Continuously slowing down. Voices and music dripping down like honey from a television-shaped jar, and I'm caught in the cloudy flow.
  16. i'm sorry / it's okay
    by alphabets / treethought
    decline decline
    My cousin opened the trunk of his Nova, revealing a milk crate full of cassettes. Some of them had magnetic tape spilling out of them. I looked at my cousin, who flicked a cigarette to the ground and told me that he had a machine that would play all of these tapes at once.
  17. breaks
    by alphabets
    nothing else to do nothing else to do
    Sitting in a booth near the bar at 10:23 am. The jukebox is breaking down with each song it plays. Nearly asleep. You've got to make it to Walsenburg by this afternoon. Better finish your coffee and get back on the road.
  18. Orgelhuset
    by Hymnambulae
  19. Anon 1
    by 36 & Isaac Helsen
  20. Music For Isolation
    by 36