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  1. Attention! A Wiretap Charity Comp
    by Wiretap Records
  2. Freshly Squeezed Bandcamp Exclusive Sampler
    by Freshly Squeezed Music
  3. Variations Vol.2
    by TekHedz
  4. Medium Bastard
    by You Slut!
  5. Flow (DATA053)
    by 2xAA
  6. Black Cotton Remixed, Vol.2 (Electro Swing Versus Speakeasy Jazz)
    by Various
  7. Nomade Orquestra
    by Nomade Orquestra
  8. Never Be A Machine
    by Cobra Skulls
  9. Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz Cover)
    by Robyn Adele Anderson
  10. Muscle
    by Born Without Bones
  11. A Little Bit Better (Still Bad)
    by Border Patrol
  12. Tired Boy
    by Joey Pecoraro
  13. Long Winter
    by Jesse LeBourdais
  14. Handmade Cities
    by Plini
  15. Hot Shame
    by The Atom Age
  16. Life in Cycles
    by Vasudeva
  17. No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room
    by Clever Girl
  18. Route One or Die
    by Three Trapped Tigers
  19. PANK! EP
    by Stufy
  20. Math the Band the Band - The Album
    by Math the Band
    by The Appreciation Post
    Slip Away Slip Away
  22. Bacchanal 'N' Philadelphia
    by Mischief Brew
    Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell
  23. Smash The Windows (2016 Reissue)
    by Mischief Brew
    A Liquor Never Brewed (With Guignol) A Liquor Never Brewed (With Guignol)
  24. I Honestly Had Higher Expectations
    by Poke Da Squid
    Nick’s knacks and the bad luck karma shoes Nick’s knacks and the bad luck karma shoes
  25. Hold Your Horse Is
    by Hella
    brown metal brown metal
  26. Home Alone
    by Totorro
  27. ScreamerSongwriter
    by Stöj Snak
  28. Dinosaurs Exist Again EP
    by Rusty Things
    Dinosaurs Exist Again Dinosaurs Exist Again
  29. The Dream Is Over
    by PUP
  30. Song for Ulvaak
    by AllieGoertz
  31. TBBR002 | Refresh
    by TREY FREY
  32. The Ultimate Escape
    by Tsunami Bomb
  33. Lost Time
    by Tacocat
  34. Too Many Babes
    by Jabber
    Maybe Next Year Maybe Next Year
  35. Toxic Thought Machine
    by Border Patrol
    Song About A Friend Song About A Friend
  36. (self titled) (AF010)
    by Modey Lemon
  37. Sass Dragons "Bonkaroo!"
    by Sass Dragons
  38. See You in Never
    by The Driers
    Lipstick Buds Lipstick Buds
  39. 100 Onces
    by 100 Onces
  40. Remote
    by Swingrowers
  41. The Salted Man
    by Juke Baritone
  42. This Machine
    by The JB Conspiracy
  43. Dead Language
    by The Flatliners
  44. Rogue Taxidermy
    by Days N' Daze
    Fuck It! Fuck It!
  45. All This Time
    by Not On Tour