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  1. Filoxiny
    by Skinshape
    Life As One Life As One
    Drum roll to the beat of my high spirits. Thank you for this work!
  2. Darker Circles
    by The Sadies
    Whispering Circles Whispering Circles
  3. The night of
    by Bruno Bavota
  4. Curse the Weather
    by Mo Lowda & The Humble
    Curse The Weather Curse The Weather
    Just a godsend!
  5. Timeline
    by Luca Longobardi & Diego Guarnieri
  6. Plume
    by Luca Longobardi
    3.32.39 3.32.39
  7. Adrift
    by Steve Gibbs
    Seul Seul
    by Julien Marchal
    In the empty rooms a melody is walking, fascinating silence...
  9. October
    by Heinali
    Songs like this by Heinali I like most: with an emphasis on the piano, harmony and naive.
  10. Generations
    by Western Skies Motel
    Myriads Myriads
    I'm touched.
  11. False Start
    by Uniform Motion
    Very special song, great rhythm.
  12. Tape Sketches
    by Paddy Mulcahy
    For Eoin For Eoin
    The amazing sketches! They reminded me of Heinali and Origamibiro.
    by Julien Marchal
    Flowers without weeds and stories that have only you. This melodies speak to your soul without intermediaries. Be ready for it. I was not...
  14. Winded
    by Dextro
    Ilm Ilm
    A knock of autumn on your door.
  15. Racing Glaciers - EP
    by Racing Glaciers
    Summit Summit
    Truly life-affirming songs like rays of the sun in your kitchen at the weekend.
    You woke up early, made the tea, cooked oatmeal with honey and somehow realized that today is a good day.
  16. How To Make Time - ALBUM
    by Gaoler's Daughter
    Cordelia Cordelia
    One of the best indie rock albums ever with impressive spirited tracks. This is a great band and I will miss them...
  17. Mediterraneo
    by Bruno Bavota
    Interlude Interlude
    Soundtrack for the aurora borealis.
    I was lucky enough to see at this abandoned old fashion movie house something very special. A stream of emerald flame were slowly swinging and dancing in the sky. The night has changed. Each shadow has developed into a note and completed the symphony.
  18. Il Pozzo d'Amor
    by Bruno Bavota
    Respiro Respiro
    A modern classical triumph!
    The each track is unique and in no way inferior to the other. It's a complete and high-quality album.
  19. Sway, sway
    by Heinali
    Sway, sway Sway, sway
    Compass for the soul.
    Something is wrong with this world. Maybe. But perhaps, you're just got lost in this frozen jungle. Go to the sounds of the piano - it's the best thing you can do to get back. Go straight with a smile on your face no matter how far this melody.
  20. A Calm Night's Sleep // Instrumental EP
    by Jordan Velez
    In This Moment, I Am In This Moment, I Am
    The lights outside the window has faded, it began to snow. I finished my tea with honey and lay down in bed, wrapped in a warm blanket. What a lovely, soothing sound comes from my speakers! It looks like Jordan was right, I'll get some well-deserved rest. Thank you, man!