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  1. Metal
  1. collection 900
  2. followers 19
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    by BESATT
  2. Meninas para Frente
    by anti-corpos
  3. Forma Prática de Luta
    by Anti-Corpos
  4. We Keep On Living
    by Anti-Corpos
  5. Contra Ataque
    by Anti-Corpos
  6. Where Crowns Are Forged Of Stars
    by Morrowsworn
  7. Led By The Glowing River
    by Mossgiver
  8. The Song Among Branches
    by Mossgiver
  9. A Sanguine Light in the Shadow of Gloom - WGR077
    by Gölgaräh
  10. The Mushroom Realm - WGR066
    by Sprites of the Wood
  11. These Wounds Are My Cathedral- WGR039
    by Onryo Over October
  12. The Chill of Heavens Abandonment - WGR078
    by Aphelion
  13. Devivalist - WGR062
    by Circular Ruins
  14. A Great Mouse Trip - WGR083
    by Appley Dapply
  15. Distro Goodies
    by WereGnome Records
  16. Capturing the Great Pear of the Giraffe Valley- WGR043
    by The Chipmunk Photographer
  17. Demo I - WGR082
    by Wistful
  18. Yonder Realms - WGR071
    by Baerdcyn
  19. Lord Of A Dark Domain - WGR080
    by Velnias
  20. Thirst for Fairy Tale - WGR075
    by Inotrion