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  1. We Are The Generation X (Screeching Weasel)
    by No Nipples
  2. Demo
    by No Nipples
  3. BART022 No Nipples - S.M.E.G.M.A.
    by No Nipples
  4. Thirteen
    by Crocodile God
  5. Oppositional Defiance
    by Raging Nathans
  6. The Windowsill - Focus
    by Shield Recordings
  7. Failures in Art: Sordid Youth Vol. 2
    by The Raging Nathans
  8. False Hopes EP
    by Epic Problem
  9. Goes to POUZZA
    by Maladroit
  10. Punk Rock Raduno Vol.4
    by Punk Rock Raduno
  11. Punk Rock Raduno Vol.6
    by Punk Rock Raduno
  12. VV.AA. 8 Years of Ghost Highway Recordings
    by VV.AA. Ghost Highway Recordings Compilation
  13. Punk Rock Raduno Vol.3
    by Punk Rock Raduno
  14. Positive Negative
    by Los Pepes
  15. Greetings from the Basements
    by Water Mane
  16. Exactly Not The Same
    by Lashing Fred
  17. Punk Rock Raduno Vol.5
    by Punk Rock Raduno
  18. s/t
  19. 06 72 43 58 15
    by Justine
  20. SCR-043 Up For Nothing/Resolutions split 7"
    by Swamp Cabbage Records