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  1. Tarantula Heart
    by Melvins
    allow me to paraphrase myself: if the world were truly a just and righteous place, The Melvins would be more famous than taylor swift or travis kelce.
    Everyone Has Left Paris Everyone Has Left Paris
    After an act of selfless self-cancellation Ian Svenonius returns with a most urgent and anthemic critique of Western European Cultural Hegemony. Via Georges Bataille’s notion of informe, THE SILENT RECORD introduces a radical dialectal strategy for dismantling all preconceived structures of oppression by restoring music (perhaps even language itself) back to its original a priori form—before it became a mere vehicle for phatic expression. THE SILENT RECORD is truly an anthem for a woke nation.
  3. Master Cleanse feat. OldBoy Rhymes, Rituals of Mine, Alxndrbrwn [Single]
    by Sage Francis
    my favorite rappers are poets;
    real poets are prophets:

    Favorite Line: "If you always identify as the victim I guess any form of resistance is an assault on your existence..."

    Strange @#$%! Famous.
  4. Three Men and a Baby
    by Mike & The Melvins
    Dead Canaries Dead Canaries
    if the world were truly a just and righteous place, The Melvins would be more famous than lady ga ga or kanye west.
  5. Cometh The Storm
    by High On Fire
  6. In Times New Roman...
    by Queens of the Stone Age
  7. Sweet Williams
    by Sweet Williams
  8. That What You Hit
    by Sweet Williams
  9. Where Does The Time Come From
    by Sweet Williams
  10. Proceed
    by Orthodox
  11. Supreme
    by Orthodox
  12. Swim To The Light
    by Henrik Palm
  13. Electric Verdeland Vol.2 Instrumentals
    by the grassy knoll
  14. What's Wrong With You
    by Sweet Williams
  15. Wrong Speed 2023
    by Wrong Speed Records
  16. We Cater To Cowards
    by Oozing Wound
  17. Walk Beyond the Dark
    by Abigail Williams
  18. Cut The Engines
    by All Structures Align
  19. Integrated Tech Solutions
    by Aesop Rock
  20. Live at Burning Man
    by King Buffalo