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Liam DV

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Electronic
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  1. Bound By Endogamy - Huit cauchemars d'une machine fêlée
    by Màgia Roja label
  2. España - Nuevo Califato
    by Màgia Roja label
  3. Post Arab
    by Kujo
  4. Asche
    by Haus Arafna
  5. Psychopompos
    by Penelope's Fiancé
    The Promise Of A New Beginning The Promise Of A New Beginning
    Experimental industrial with duengony feel. Some beats are sort of tribal. Very original and surprising. I hear echoes of black metal ambience but there's no vocals in here. Excellent soundtrack to your forbbiden dreams.
    by LAS ERAS
  7. Confession
    by Cardinal & Nun
  8. s/t
    by Monsieur Crane
    Put in the blender coldwave with a dash of techno and sprinkle it with a bit of ravey sounds, postpunk and industrial. Sometimes it seems the bass has been played. At times songs go in unexpected directions. I really recommend this record.
  9. Sacred Movements
    by Salac
    by Simple Music Experience
  11. Chameleon
    by Sam De La Rosa
  12. Outerspace Moments
    by We Are The Hunters
  13. Leading Stolen Horses
    by Glorious Din
  14. Balcanes - Gloria Eterna
    by Balcanes
  15. New Gods: Aardvark Through Zymurgy
    by Todd Tamanend Clark
  16. La Formación De La Sombra
    by Antiguo Régimen
  17. MNQ 141 Dame Area - Ondas Tribales
    by Dame Area
    Unique, cutting edge. Tribal but cold. Like if a female fronted hybrid of Throbbing Gristle and Esplendor Geometrico had the percussion of Roberto di Simone or Cut Hands. The rhythms are something else I can't put my finger on. Every song is quite different but feels like a whole. All hail the tribal wave!
  18. Lingua Ignota
    by Wind Atlas
  19. Transamorem
    by Amor
  20. Esoteric Free Afrika
    by Group