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  1. The worst of 2004-2014
    by Larva
    Agachar la cabeza Agachar la cabeza
  2. Where the butterflies go to die
    by Larva
    My own hell My own hell
    like a larva that crawls into its cocoon to never become a butterfly!
    big album marc and anoxia
  3. Scars The Singles
    by Larva
    Los párpados caídos Los párpados caídos
  4. Scars
    by Larva
    To breath is to bleed To breath is to bleed
    I will not make it a secret that I am a big larva fan
  5. Where the remixes go to die
    by Larva
    Yo, sociópata Yo, sociópata
  6. Harder State of Trance Chapter II
    by VV303
    Heaven Heaven
  7. Disko Anksiyete
    by She Past Away
    Disko Anksiyete Disko Anksiyete
    I got to know this Turkish singing post punk band from their clip of Asimilasyon
    they immediately appealed to me with their dreamier music
    nice album these one
  8. Belirdi Gece
    by She Past Away
    Kasvetli Kutlama Kasvetli Kutlama
    with their sad throbbing voice, the post punk band is a good revelation in the genre
    müziğini seviyorum
  9. Image
    by Whispering Sons
    Hollow Hollow

    how swinging and fresh this revelation of the post punk can produce sounds that originate from before their birth. if you get the chance to see them live, you should definitely not decline
  10. Sectas de la Guerra
    by Bestias de Asalto
    Korengal Korengal
    I found this band in my search for mexican aggrotech.
    They immediately caught my eye, their powerful music and sharp vocals appeal to me. Yes Yes !
  11. Restless
    by A Slice Of Life
    Coraline Coraline

    with slightly sweet vocals that sound between bauhaus and the cure. is a slice of life another Belgian post-punk event! beautiful album
    by DIVERJE
    great album bro tommy
    by Ground Nero
    Heaven Sent Heaven Sent

    after beyond and scales this album is a daring piece! but daring to do is half won, hearing new things! beautiful album.
  14. BEYOND
    by Ground Nero
    Run From Your Relatives Run From Your Relatives

    ground nero, as far as I'm concerned it's currently one of the best bands in the dark wave genre
  15. SCALES
    by Ground Nero
    Bannockburn Bannockburn

    when it comes to dark and deep, you choose ground nero
  16. Abominations
    by Larva
    No podrán conmigo No podrán conmigo
    Larva is for once a band that brings music and never gets bored.

    Larva es por una vez una banda que trae música y nunca se aburre.
    Estoy seguro de que voy a seguir contigo
  17. Mundos subterráneos
    by Larva
    No one can see me cry No one can see me cry
    Larva spanish industrial machine, continues to amaze me, continues to delight me

    Larva máquina industrial española, sigue asombrándome, sigue deleitándome
  18. Und sie aßen sich selbst
    by Larva
    Amargura Amargura
    Larva, swinging, entertaining!
    one of the best acts at the moment.

    Larva, balanceándose, entretenida!
    Uno de los mejores actos en este momento.
  19. Light Extinguished
    by Xentrifuge
    Oblivion Oblivion

    is beautifully combined, beastly sounds, nice vocals! overwhelmingly powerful and bringing it to a higher sphere
  20. Converting Infinity
    by Xentrifuge
    Into Descent Into Descent

    nice and aggressive, the sounds penetrate your body
  21. Light Extinguished
    by Xentrifuge
    Oblivion Oblivion
    is beautifully combined, beastly sounds, nice vocals! overwhelmingly powerful and bringing it to a higher sphere
  22. Desensitized Parallels
    by Xentrifuge
    Circles Of Dust Circles Of Dust
    simply amazing! xentrifuge is the best