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  1. Farewell
    by The Flying Eyes
  2. The Long High
  3. Face of the Sun
    by Shana Cleveland
  4. Gone
    by Empty Guns
  5. Beaten Dead
    by Legba
    appears in 1 other collection
  6. Bringer Of Fire
    by Legba
  7. Oracle EP
    by Shelby Merry
  8. Hello Dreamer
    by Shelby Merry
  9. Young Guns
    by Shelby Merry
  10. The Scorch
    by Shelby Merry
  11. When the Darkness Comes
    by Shelby Merry
  12. When the Darkness Comes (Part II)
    by Shelby Merry
  13. Spacetrip on a Paper Plane
    by Sahara Surfers
    Propeller Propeller
  14. High Lands
    by Sahara Surfers
  15. Sonar Pilot
    by Sahara Surfers
    Sonar Pilot Sonar Pilot
    Not much to add that hasn't already been said. Every album is worth getting so that should speak volumes in and of itself. Don't remember which albums I already own (packed away) but wanted to add to BC like a couple of others have already done. Well worth a few extra bucks and it's good to support the bands in our little global community.
  16. 24 Howers (Statts benefit)
    by Nate Hall/Poisonous Snake
  17. Vol. III
    by Hard Rock Revolution
  18. The Traveling Sun
    by Nate Hall
    What can I say about Nate Hall. He's got talent I could only dream of having. Between USX (pretty much all albums) and his solo work (especially A Great River) he's got my credit card on speed dial. Not only that but he is a deep and intelligent man, not to mention kind (from my own experience). I hope he makes it up to Canada to tour as I'd love to see him live. Buy all his stuff damnit.
  19. Seasons of Might
    by Black Thai
  20. Blood from on High
    by Black Thai