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Martin Wisniowski

  1. Cologne, Germany
  2. Electronic
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  1. リフレクション
    窓の外 (猫 シ Corp. remix) 窓の外 (猫 シ Corp. remix)
  2. Grüße aus dem Paradigma
    by LST da phunky child
    J's & J's (produziert von Melvin van Pushen) J's & J's (produziert von Melvin van Pushen)
    LST hat hier ein gut gereiftes, beeindruckendes Werk vorgelegt.
  3. Pro Time Killers
    by Boulderdash
    Taxi Wallas Taxi Wallas
  4. The Eurasia Sessions
    by Büromaschinen
    Opener Opener
  5. Play The Game
    by Remute
    Play The Game Play The Game
    I don't know when was the last time, when I was hooked to a song like "Play this Game". I listen to this song 20 times a day, since I heard Remute playing live at Revision 2017. Don't miss this song!!
  6. Chiptunes!
    by The Masters of Pixel Art
    Blipblop Memories Blipblop Memories
  7. Elite Gymnastics - RUIN
    by Elite Gymnastics
    So Close To Paradise So Close To Paradise
  8. 1979
    by Deru
    1979 1979
  9. Extras
    by 4mat
    Blank Page (2009) Blank Page (2009)
  10. On The Edge Of Now
    by Darren McClure
    Interior Wave Interior Wave
    Darren McClure is a master of immersive, minimal soundscapes. I really wonder, why no movie-soundtrack-people already came up to him to make music for the next sci-fi movie.
  11. Highheath Park EP
    by Erich Schall
    Highheath Park Highheath Park
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. 80864 (DATA051)
    by GOTO80
    Syrobellox Syrobellox
    I've been a long-term fan of Goto80 now, and this release really has a certain "grip" I never experienced before. This is so much future rock'n'roll. Can't stop listening to it. A release, that feels more practical, then in theory. It has simply a certain magic. Maybe you have to give this record some tries - the spark may not flip over at the first listening.
  13. Inside The Hideout
    by 3412
    Angekommen | 78 BPM Angekommen | 78 BPM
    I've been into the music of LST for a while now.

    This release really have the perfect balance of moody tales, thoughts that make up your mind and overall ambience.

    This might be one of the best releases from LST from the last 10 years. Really picking of the old vibe and the golden days.

    Recommended! Also if you are only into ambient music.
  14. Neptune
    by zircon
    Zircon once again at its best. Like everything he does, there are no questions left open.
  15. 仮想夢プラザ
    by 仮想夢プラザ
    仮想夢プラザ 仮想夢プラザ
  16. Best Of Dream Catalogue, 2814-2815
    by Various Artists
    柔らかい唇 柔らかい唇
  17. green noise e.p.
    by Erich Schall
    neither asleep nor awake - part two neither asleep nor awake - part two
  18. Beyond The Zero
    by C.A.R.
    Test One Two Three Test One Two Three
    Since years I lost interest in jazz-music. Then one night I saw them playing live in Cologne. And there it was: dense music, intense with this spark of future and cinematic. This is how jazz music should sound in this days.
  19. HK
    by HKE
    Ghost Ghost
  20. _| ̄|○
    by Goto80
    Richmond Rockers Richmond Rockers
  21. Struktura
    by Strië
    Enigma Of The Day Enigma Of The Day
    Another perfect ambient-release released at Serein.
  22. for Greta
    by loscil
    Pearl Pearl
  23. Retold (2014 Special Edition)
    by Nest
    Amroth (Brambles Version) Amroth (Brambles Version)
    This is simply one of the best ambient albums ever made.
  24. Zielkonflikt
    by LST da phunky child
    Schlafwandler Schlafwandler
    I am still not sure about this release. It has a sort of digital-taste, this is just there.

    On the other hand, there is this significant humor and deep-thought, that might be not present at the 1,5,8 listening. But it may come...
  25. erich schall - shades of monochrome
    by pragmat
    monochrome takeover monochrome takeover
  26. Identity Sequence
    by zircon
    Identity Sequence (ft. Jillian Aversa) Identity Sequence (ft. Jillian Aversa)
    Its dynamic nature.
  27. Number Nine
    by Chris Huelsbeck
    6000 Miles From Home 6000 Miles From Home
    It is subtile genius.
  28. Droplets of Water
    by Xerxes
    Command Shift Command Shift
  29. Globulous Original Soundtrack
    by zircon, Jeff Ball
    Dawn Oblique Dawn Oblique
  30. Luftslott EP
    by Ugress
    Luftslott Luftslott