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  1. Grotesque
    by Melancholy
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  2. Ведомые ветром / Vedomye Vetrom
    by Alkonost
  3. Level 11
    by Miracle Of Sound
    The Tale Of Cú Chulainn The Tale Of Cú Chulainn
    If there's one definitive trait inherent to Gavin's music, then it has to be its variety.
    From Celtic metal and Nordic chants to piano-driven ballads and electronic rock - this album is far from being repetitive.
    I enjoyed almost the entire record, except for Lilac and Velvet that I found a bit bland.
    My favourite track is The Tale of Cu Chulain, because I love long and epic tracks. But the song that I (surprisingly) loved is a melancholic disco ballad Liquid Nights and Disco Lights.
  4. The Host
    by Arcade Messiah
  5. Quantum Resolution
    by Kekal
  6. Feast for Water
    by Messa
    She Knows She Knows
    I enjoyed this album even more than the band's debut. I think that some subtle jazz elements help to enrich the atmosphere of the record and give that "special touch" to Messa's brand of doom metal.
  7. The Pilot
    by Fat Monica
    What's a Lesbian? // Nice Guy What's a Lesbian? // Nice Guy
    Hardcore meets black metal meets... Friends? Do things ever get crazier than this?
  8. Branches and Hooks
    by Melancholy
  9. Level 9
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Ascension Ascension
    And he did it again...
    I don't know how Gavin manages not only to maintain such a high quality of music, but to actually get better as both a composer and a musician with every album.
  10. Scald "Will of the gods is a great power"
    by Ordo MCM
  11. Rulers of a Dying World
    by Son of Sorrow
    1 a.m. 1 a.m.
    This is just a great record that reminded me of a lot of 90's and early 2000's gothic metal.
    And those vocals...
  12. Deeper Underground
    by Kekal
  13. Rotten in the House
    by Kekal
  14. Deeper Underground
    by Kekal
  15. Beastlake
    Organism Organism
    Another brilliant example of modern progressive metal from Melancholy.
  16. Level 8
    by Miracle Of Sound
    Mother Earth 2017 Mother Earth 2017
    Every year it's same with Miracle of Sound. I think: "Level X was so great that there is no way Level X+1 will be as good". And then I get proved wrong.
    And I also think that Mother Earth 2017 is the most epic and the best song Gavin ever written.
  17. 486DX
  18. Pure
    by IN THE WOODS...
  19. All of the Above
    by Judith de los Santos (aka Malukah)
  20. Root of All Evil
    by Kekal