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Nocturnal Ghoul

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  1. At the Crossroads of Infinity
    by Draghkar
  2. Perfect Doctrine
    by Purification
  3. Uinuos Syömein Sota
    by Havukruunu
  4. Vassafor III - To The Death
    by Vassafor
  5. Consequence of Time
    by Pale Divine
  6. The Best Of Black President
    by Fela Kuti
  7. Antibalas
    by Antibalas
  8. Moonlit Navigation
    by Inexorum
  9. Mortal
    by Necrot
  10. New Blood II
    by Occams Laser
  11. Burnt Offering
    by The Budos Band
  12. Chapelle ardente
    by Cauchemar
  13. Old Smoke
    by Barishi
  14. Forever Black
    by Cirith Ungol
  15. Damned In Black
    by Immortal
  16. Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine
  17. Mandala of Fear
    by Huntsmen
  18. Poison Ruïn
    by Poison Ruïn
  19. Light In The Wire
    by Worshipper
  20. Fatal Visions
    by Inculter