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  1. The Long Dust
    by Caul
  2. Substratum
    by Monocube
  3. Between The Horizon And The Abyss
    by Yen Pox
  4. Massed In Black Shadow
    by Deathstench
  5. Fratres
    by Phragments
  6. 超越愛
    by Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza
    I have no idea what vaporwave is, but damnit all, I enjoy it! RiP Alexandre!
  8. Downpour
    by Mount Shrine
  9. Secluded Loops
    by Mount Shrine
    Ghostly Ghostly
  10. Lithium & Tang
    by FM R IZ
  11. And I Fell into Darkness and Foul Dreams
    by House of the Maker & Scott Lawlor
  12. A Taxonomy of Grief
    by Sumatran Black
    Do Not Answer the Telephone Do Not Answer the Telephone
    A highly atmospheric, melodic and neo classical-ish dark ambient album! A very warm and exciting release from, Sumatran Black!
  13. Moonrise in Total Darkness (remastered + bonus tracks)
    by Sorcier Des Glaces
    Behold the Halls of Ice Behold the Halls of Ice
    An underrated masterpiece, which I'm thrilled to finally have in my collection. I enjoy every song, but, "Behold the Halls of Ice," is surely one of the best black metal songs ever -- cold, grim and majestic in its ways!
  14. At the Resting Depths Eternal
    by Pagan Hellfire
  15. On the Path to Triumph
    by Pagan Hellfire
  16. Revisitation
    by Falls of Rauros
    March of the Valorous Bane March of the Valorous Bane
    By far, the best material released by the band! This is the FoR I discovered and subsequently fell in love with in 2007 in ultra low quality mp3 format on myspace! The rawness and amateurness is surely present, but its honest and that's what counts. I was so bummed when I got the tape in 2009 and it sounded like complete ass, but I'll settle for high quality mp3's instead. Now just release this masterpiece on vinyl please!
  17. Frontier
    by Infinexhuma
  18. Waterless Places (Remastered)
    by Scott Lawlor
  19. Melatoner II
    by Byrn D Paul
    Dreamy, slightly melancholy electronic ambient. I usually prefer things a bit darker, but this isn’t bad at all when I need something different and need to chill.
  20. A Silent Vigil for Oncoming Plagues
    by Gavella Glan