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  1. Heaven's Vault - Official Soundtrack
    by Laurence Chapman
    Fantasia on One Good Moon Fantasia on One Good Moon
  2. Aliento
    by Danit
  3. MUTA
    by Perotá Chingó
  4. Transsiberian
    by Thylacine
    Belobezvodnoe Belobezvodnoe
  5. ROADS vol.1
    by Thylacine
    El Alba (feat. Weste) El Alba (feat. Weste)
  6. Life In Colour
    by adrianportia
    Vidya Vidya
  7. Sorgir
    by Skálmöld
  8. Umalali: The Garifuna Women's Project
    by The Garifuna Collective
    Nibari (My Grandchild) Nibari (My Grandchild)
  9. Inks (24bit)
    by AES DANA
  10. Hollow Knight Piano Collections
    by David Peacock, Augustine Mayuga Gonzales
  11. SongBook Vol 4
    by Cecile Corbel
  12. Echoes of Battle
    by Caladan Brood
    Echoes of Battle Echoes of Battle
  13. Entre Les Nuages et La Neige
    by Musk Ox La Neige La Neige
  14. Entre La Terre et Le Ciel
    by Musk Ox
    Un Jardin Au Bout Du Monde Un Jardin Au Bout Du Monde
  15. Entre Le Soleil et Les Arbres
    by Musk Ox
    Deux Petits Arbres Deux Petits Arbres
  16. Valravn
    by Valravn
    Genuine Genuine
  17. Escher in Dream
    by Roberto Attanasio
  18. Isolated
    by Roberto Attanasio
  19. °NUAGES° (Album)
    by Luminescent
    Ondes Ondes
  20. Fastfall
    by Lifeformed