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  1. Frequency Of Your Heart
    by Sander-P
  2. Quiet Magic
    by Launchable Socks
  3. You And The View
    by Launchable Socks
    Cloud Pilot Cloud Pilot
    The roots of this artists unique and expressive experimental style.
    There's a mix of beautiful and calm tunes with electronic mixing from synths, to keyboards, to odd sounds, that all blend together to form interesting works of music.
    Definitely the least impressive album (well it is their first) but is still well worth the listen. Great stuff!
  4. Quiet Magic
    by Launchable Socks
    Night Singer Night Singer
    Can I honestly say how unbelievably beautiful and elegant this album is. It is the definition of other-worldly. Listened to it at night while drawing, and I couldn't focus because my mind kept drifting from reality. Some tracks chilled me out so much I almost felt like crying, and I don't know why.
    It's a trip! Will definitely be buying that CD!
    By the way, have you heard of Tycho? A chill techno band that really reminds me of your work. Although, yours is even more out of this world!!!
  5. Chopsticks & Patience
    by Launchable Socks
    Deep Breath Deep Breath
    What an amazing experience!
    All the tracks on this are so inspiring!
    Each one has a similar sound but takes you to a different place. So much diversity and cool atmospheres come out of this record.
    Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to chill out!
    For songs like "Paddy Bosse" and "Wooden Their" they are kinda like transition tracks, that I wish were longer! They are some of the best on the album!
    Way to go guys!!
  6. SCP-song collection 2
    by Glenn Leroi & Mobius
  7. SCP-song collection
    by Glenn Leroi & Mobius
  8. Extended SCP-song collection
    by Glenn Leroi & Mobius
  9. Qbeh-1 OST
    by Launchable Socks
    The Vault The Vault
    Aw man...the nostalgia. I played this game way back in 2014, and watched my favorite youtuber KMo/Starbrethren play it many times.
    The game was in my dream and I woke up, totally forgetting it existed until now. Immediately looked for the soundtrack and bought it.
    It's the perfect soundtrack to chill you out and take you to another world. And the game still holds a dear place in my heart!
  10. Don't Regret (Full Album 2016)
    by Sander-P
    Wrath Of Wolves (feat GUMI) Wrath Of Wolves (feat GUMI)
    An amazing, unique, and underrated vocaloid artist, whose albums I love to listen to during the month of october. His music fits the vibe of halloween very well!
    If you like experimental black metal, this should be a go to!
  11. Feral Words
    by Sander-P
    Life Won't Be Mine Life Won't Be Mine
    Even better than the first album.
    The balancing is a lot more firm and smooth, the voices fit the feeling of the instrumentation better, and the layout and chorus are all the more catchy and headbanging.
    This artist has really grown and I can't wait for the third album!