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  1. Leisure Centre
    by Blacklisters
  2. The Haunt
    by Mitch Davis
  3. safety
    by needlepackau
  4. The Exile
    by Mares Of Thrace
  5. Escape to Weird Mountain Volume 8
    by Forbidden Place Records
  6. Faint Echoes From the Rubble, Heard and Disregarded
    by Apocalypse Cop
  7. Compressed Meat
    by Anthesis
  8. Partially Scompensed
    by Strontzo
  9. Burial Sounds
    by Cast Courts
  10. Black Focus
    by Yussef Kamaal
  11. Hurry Up and Chill
    by My America Is Watching Tigers Die
  12. CASH
    by NERVER
  13. NULL
    by KEN mode
  14. The Seperation
    by Asbestos Worker
  15. The Devil and the Day Laborer
    by Heathen Prayer
    An absolute triumph of metallic hardcore. Colossal in every sense of the word, Heathen Prayer lays waste with ruthless efficiency.
  16. Prêt-à-Porter
    by Fashion Week
  17. giving bad animals good ideas
    by yam lynn
  18. spring 2
    by yam lynn
  19. Only In America
    by Mouthbreathe(r)
  20. Clapping For Carers
    by Mules