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  1. Divinities of the Earth and the Waters
    by Mimika Orchestra
  2. Sunovrat
    by Igralom
  3. Phoenician Drive
    by Phoenician Drive
  4. Šumovi protiv valova
    by Šumovi protiv valova
  5. May
    by Kensington Lima
  6. Kazan
    by Kazan
  7. 3 pesme
    by Dogs in Kavala
  8. Nežni Dalibor
    by Nežni Dalibor
  9. Dobrodošli na okean
    by Repetitor
  10. U slojevima
    by Nežni Dalibor
  11. Gde ćeš
    by Repetitor
  12. Horizons
    by Tús Nua
  13. Meet Me in Moscow (Part One)
    by Lovely Quinces
  14. Gdje povlačiš crtu?
    by Sara Renar
  15. At Least Wave Your Handkerchief At Me - The Joys and Sorrows of Southern Albanian Song
    by Saz'iso
  16. Surrender [EP]
    by Nellcote
  17. 2007-2009
    by Seine
  18. I Can Be a Clay Snapper
    by Širom
  19. La Vie Rêvée
    by La Fraction
  20. Sunčani ljudi
    by ŽEN
  21. Oči ti bježe!
    by IVᗩNᗩ π PICEK
  22. i onda je sve počelo
    by ŽEN
  23. live @klub
    by Vlasta Popić
  24. Sno Sna
    by Seine
  25. Pridjevi
    by Pridjevi