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  1. The Dream Passes
    by Seeress
  2. Life has gone on long enough
    by NONE
    Hypoxic Hypoxic
  3. Lilac On The Diary's Pages
    by Da Voile
  4. Canopy
    by Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream
    As Walking On Canopy As Walking On Canopy
  5. Before This Wilderness Consumes Us
    by Feed Me To The Waves
    Shutter (Bonus Track) Shutter (Bonus Track)
  6. Stars Wept to the Sea
    by Unreqvited
  7. Heitt Hjortu
    by Da Voile
    Skilja Eftir Merki Skilja Eftir Merki
  8. Not Afraid Anymore
    by Oak
    by HOLY FAWN
    Sleep Tongue Sleep Tongue
  10. Dysphorie
    by All Unspoken Words
  11. Memories
    by Sleep Dealer
  12. Oracle
    by Caleb R.K. Williams
  13. .existence
    by Once Upon A Winter
  14. ODE
    by 124C41+
  15. The Ground is Lava
    by Dayluta Means Kindness
  16. When Plants Turn Into Stones
    by O
  17. Acrophobia (Single)
    by Violet Cold
  18. Nadira
    by Pictures from Nadira
  19. ODE
    by 124C41+
    by ISON