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  1. Black Monolith
    by Ajna & Dronny Darko
  2. Rites Lost
    by Dronny Darko & Utu Lautturi
  3. Parallel Existence
    by Dead Melodies
  4. Darksite Ov DeEarth
    by ...Of Tanz Victims
  5. Metatron Chronic Daughter
    by Of Tanz Victims
  6. Mondo Obscura- Focus On Black Remixed
    by Component Recordings
  7. Witch Eyes
    by Witch Eyes
  8. Alpturer-Circumplanetary
    by Alpturer
  9. Solypsis- End Time Voyeurs
    by Solypsis
  10. Alpturer-Roila
    by Alpturer
  11. Codec-Amalgamation
    by Codec
  12. Entropic Advance- Auditory Pareidolia
    by Entropic Advance
  13. Snowbeasts- Ice & Shadow
    by Snowbeasts
  14. Obscure Formats- Empires Fall
    by Obscure Formats
  15. Shimmer Crush-Gemini
    by Shimmer Crush
  16. Witch Eyes-Wraith
    by Witch Eyes
  17. Shimmer Crush-Love Unbound
    by Shimmer Crush
  18. Cathode Ray Tube-Exodus Partners
    by Cathode Ray Tube
  19. Raab Codec-Life Amongst The Wires
    by Raab Codec
  20. Displacer-Missing Warriors
    by Displacer